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Margot Kidder
henrya was written on November 9, 1999

Topless in bikini panties

Short, but nice scene. She's nude, except for skimpy panties and a flower in her hair.Great view of her modest sized boobs. She's trying to make up to her hubby,so she's got a seductive look, at first.

rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Quite a Lot More - Watch Slowly & With Brightness

The scene opens in amedum shot with her standing in an open blouse and panties ready for bed. CUT TO: Behind as she raises her leg in a stretching exercise like a dancer - binding and making her panties ride up her ass. Then she sees her hubbie and tries to sexy herself up (the open blouse & panties pretty much do it :-)

Okay, here's what others seem to have missed, as she steps forward, her moton moves her blouse open and we can see her left breast and nipple very clearly ... now this might be disappointing to some of you with strict standards :-) but even though she's pretty young here, her breasts have definitely already had the older woman effect of being quite flabby and instead of a nipple at the middle of a perky breast, hers are at the bottom of her right breast and pointing downward already ... so the nipple is there, you're just looking in the wrong place ... she is still looking damn sexy.

knightowl_00 was written on March 21, 2010

Nipple shot in mirror reflection.

I don't know what the previous reviewers (from '99 & 2000) meant by saying she was topless. I mean she IS wearing a top, but it's just unbuttoned all the way down. Anyway, like some before me, I used to not notice the nipple shot in the mirror reflection, I guess because of the crazy designs on the mirror, but it's certainly there. Anyhow, the scene is certainly not graphic.

Xeyes was written on February 20, 2007


about 23 minutes in, (sexy but not really a clear nude scene).

itookgillianandersonupthebum was written on October 23, 2000

Topless Scene

Margot Kidder looks very sexy throughout this film. Here she is topless wearing just a skimpy pair of panties. She has a flower in her hair and one of her legs is quite heavily bandaged. Also you only get a side view so you can't see her nipples. Margot Kidder is so gorgeous here that this scene is worth seeing even if it is tame and tasteful.

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