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Melissa George
taurus was written on October 9, 2006

Sex with hubby

The scene described by JAnondo_2002 is at :17, but no actual nudity was shown. Just tops of the tits when she takes off her gown, a butt shot in panties and lots of bare back.

JAnondo_2002 was written on December 24, 2005

Having sex with hubby

Although, she doesn't show it with clothes on, Melissa has a full womanly body. In the first night in the house, after putting the kids into sleep, she takes off her nighty and gets into bed and starts to have sex with her husband. Its a good scene worth 2 stars. Only thing lacking was a good view of her breasts, she only shows bits and pieces here and there, trying to move away from her role in Dark City? Who knows!

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