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Immy was written on November 4, 2010


Whoa, where to begin! Apollonia is an absolute vision in this tough-to-find Mexican film. She arrives in a south of the border town, promptly has her bag stolen and decides to stay with blind beach vendor Jaime Moreno. Their first night in his crummy flat doesn't go well after he forces himself on her, but with nowhere else to go, she eventually stays. She wakes up the next morning climbing out of a indoor hammock (0:30, topless). Later she sits at a table writing a letter to her father in an unbuttoned men's shirt and when she stands, her right boob is glimpsed (0:43). The next day while watching a beauty pageant on TV with Daniel she leaves the room and comes back wearing just a tiny bikini, mimicking the way the contestants walk. This leads to their first consensual coupling as he undoes her bikini top (0:50, right boob, then topless) and they end up in bed. There's a noticeable edit during this so I'm guessing there's more juicy footage somewhere. Now a happy couple, she's in various stages of undress quite often; there's a rear nude shot as they're again in bed (0:56, butt then topless, super-imposed over some nightclub dancers); topless sitting on the bed next to Daniel, dropping her towel and putting his hand on her left boob to get him interested (1:08, both boobs visible) and then finally topless again in bed talking to Daniel after he gets up (1:12, the covers are below boob-level for a welcome change). Apollonia never wears a bra and is always in very tight tops with frequently visible hard nips. She's the single reason to seek out this film. Of note also is an uncredited woman getting out of Daniel's bed in unfastened lingerie (0:25, breasts). Turns out he's also a male prostitute to help pay the bills.

Jaime Moreno

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