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Vanessa Bauche
Chicago was written on February 18, 2003

1 scene, 3 views

At :45:15-:46:29, Vanessa's top is removed giving good shots of her hand-cup sized breasts with long, dark areola as her brother-in-law hungrily but lovingly does her on the washing machine. The actual viewing time of her is shorter given cutaways...:45:15 (9 sec), :46:12 (2 sec), :45:28 (1 sec).

tdsa was written on January 7, 2003

Really cute girl, really nice breasts

Vanessa Bauche gets her breasts out briefly in what is an absolutely incredible film.
I'll lie and say you should rent this for the nudity, just because you'll then see a great film. However, if you really are THAT exclusively interested in nudity, don't rent it. She's very cute and her breasts are great, but the view doesn't go forever.

DCW3 was written on May 3, 2001

Topless sex scene

There are two shots of her breasts during a sex scene. Both shots are quite brief, but they're very clear and close up.

liechti was written on July 9, 2004

Making love with brother in law

I guess everything about Vanessa and her tiny breasts is already said - Besides, really a fantastic movie, worth watching for the content ;-)

oldbabe was written on March 31, 2002

Cheating with brother-in-law

The scene occurred around 0:46. The latino actress, Vanessa, who by the way is fairly pretty, made out with her brother-in-law on top of a washing machine. Both her fair-colored breasts abd dark-colored nipples can be seen - in a not too long scene.

lattara was written on July 13, 2001

cute girl - bare breasts

Olive-skinned latina cutie Vanessa reveals her small pert breasts during a passionate sex scene. A clear view, but sadly only a brief one.

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