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year title
1998 Rebecca's Secret 6 Reviews
1996 Masseuse 4 Reviews
1995 Midnight Confessions 1 Review
1994 Possessed by the Night 1 Review
1993 Secret Games 2: The Escort 1 Review
1992 Round Trip to Heaven 1 Review
1991 Sexy Lingerie III 0 Reviews

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Rebecca's Secret (1998)
danman183 was written on June 5, 2000

Sexy Full Frontal

At about 35 minutes into the movie, she is shown full frontally (is that even a word??) for several seconds while taking a shower. Then she is confronted by a man where she hold him gunpoint while topless for a minute.

Definitely worth seeing just for the nudity.

skeptical was written on July 8, 2001

Many scenes of Amy - all of her is on display

*Note - The version of this movie reviewed was the unrated DVD (although the back of the DVD box says "R", this is clearly not an MPAA rating.* As a certain reviewer makes note of, very little of Amy is left to the imagination in Rebecca's Secret - highly recommended for the purpose of getting good, long looks at Mrs. Rochelle (although the simu-u-sex is pretty fake) and several other young women sans clothing. NOT highly recommended for anything else (especially dialogue). /// (0:00:00) Right off the bat, Amy is completely nude while swimming underwater, and you get several looks at her boobs, bush, and butt. Decent. /// (0:02:00) Amy gets out of bed after her drowning dream, wearing nothing. You get a great look at her breasts and southern mohawk. /// (0:03:00) The previous scene turns into a short bath scene, and you get a look at all of her. She tries to commit suicide during this scene, but the bad acting makes it somewhat less than uncomfortable. Amy stands are talks to her boyfriend in the bathroom nude (you see all of her). /// (0:05:00) The previous scene turns into a sex scene with Amy and her slimy husband. He caresses her breats and her behind, and there is a very small glimpse of her lips. He kisses her backside, breasts, and then gives her oral sex while she makes pleasured faces and presses up against the bathroom mirror. He then moves up and starts to sort of make love to her while feeling her breasts, but it's not terribly convincing sim-u-sex. This is a pretty long scene, however. /// (0:37:00) Amy is taking a shower when the water mysteriously goes off. Just another great shot of her breasts, and an OK shot of her mohawk. /// (0:39:00) Amy seduces her assailant, and is topless while on top of him, holding a gun to his head, and then kissing him. He does get to feel her breasts for a second before she swipes his gun. /// (0:46:30) Long simu-sex scene with her captive in a dream, while on her bed - however, it is poorly lit. You can see her bush, breasts and the rest of her at many points throughout the scene. First, Amy is on top of him while he gropes her breasts. Then he does her from behind, and then from the front while they are lying side by side on the bed. He kisses and touches her breasts. Next, Amy rolls around on the bed. You can sort of make out her lips at a couple of points. She's on top of him again, and then he does her in the missionary position. He feels and kisses her breasts. Amy makes pleasured faces and bends her back nicely - however, you can see how incredibly skinny she really is (you can count her ribs), which may be a turn-off for some people. She then sits up while screwing him, and he turns her over and takes her from behind while feeling her chest. Then they sort of roll around on each other, and end up in some positions that are not very likely for adequate thrusting, but oh well. She rolls around on the bed again with a dark glimpse of her naughty bits, and then screws him while on top again for an incredibly brief moment. All of these previous shots were taken at the same, somewhat far away distance, giving you a view of her entire (very large) bed. Finally, there is a close-up scene of him on top of her where you can see her breasts plainly. /// (0:58:30) Best Amy scene in the movie. Amy goes down to the basement to screw her captive. She takes off her bathrobe, kneels down, and starts to feel her captive while he is sleeping. She undoes and takes off his pants, and they start to have sex with her on top of him while he is lying down and touching her breasts. He sits up and touches/licks her breasts - this scene (in its entirity) is the most believable sim-u-sex in the movie. She rides him some more, and then does her from behind while they are lying side by side. You get a good look at her bush, and he gropes her chest while kissing her neck. Then Amy bends her back and makes pretty good faces while he does her while on top. He then does her from behind while she is on her hands and knees. Next, he does her from on top again, and the scene fades out. /// (1:09:00) Amy is taking a bubble bath and holding a gun. You can see her left breast. Very short scene. /// (1:12:30) Amy wakes up from her nasty "nightmare" while nude in the bubble bath. You can see her bare breasts, and when she gets out of the bath, you can see her lower area, which looks somewhat shaved. /// (1:16:00) Amy fights underwater in the pool with bare breasts.

broche was written on January 4, 2000

fully nude

There are several scenes all olone in her shower or with a guy whre we can see her beatifull breast and her little muff

Kyle8 was written on May 7, 2001

Amy rolling around in bed (solo)

Amy is having a very nice dream, and conveniently she's on a really huge bed and she's on top of the sheets, not under them, and she's completely naked and she assumes lots of different positions with her dream partner. Great performance!

BushLeague was written on September 10, 2002

Entire movie

Not much to add to SKEPTICAL in the nudity department, except when she is not naked, she is running around in skimpy cut off shorts, mini skirts and lingerie. I hope she does not catch her chill in winter.

Mjbennett was written on May 6, 2017

Amy Rochelle is hot as hell

I watched this movie over and over just to see Amy hot gorgeous body naked

Masseuse (1996)
hornfrog was written on October 14, 1999

Great scene

Great sex scene where Jack is boning Amy who plays his maid. They are doing it in his bedroom. Showing off her great body (Wow, those are nice tits) Very erotic because how Jack manipulates Amy to sleep with him....Excellent movie

BushLeague was written on July 14, 2003

Griffin Drew re-drew

She is getting it from the same guy on the same bed and in almost the same manner as in Drew's scene. Tits while taking it in missionary position. Showsheart shaped butt with nice tonga tan line and bare right tit while in "Ride'em cowgirl" position. I think the supposed "penetration" was the guy's knee cap at exactly the right angle.

karmatramp was written on July 11, 2000

Is it real?

Amy is actually riding this guy for all he's worth, or the shadow just looks extremely phallic. When the scene cuts from a distraught Griffin Drew back to Amy and her boss there is a brief moment where it seems there is penetration. I doubt this would be the case, but it sure looks like it.

Gordon was written on February 9, 2000

Getting it good

Amy is in bed getting it really good from a guy. Her body is really hot, and I love the way she writhes passionately and arches her back as the guy screws her and feels her up.

Midnight Confessions (1995)
Immy was written on June 21, 2005

Nude (0:49)

Amy has an insanely hot, all-natural body and we get a good look at the whole package. She plays a hooker and when she gets to her customer's home all he wants her to do is play with herself. She strips very sexily out of her leather outfit and sits nude in a chair. Her hand is wedged between her legs most of the time but we get some visible muff when he becomes testy after she gets fidgety and the mood ends. What...a...body!!

Possessed by the Night (1994)
Ozzie700 was written on April 19, 2003

Breasts (?)

Amy is credited as bikini woman, and the only scene with women in bikinis is from about :16-:17, when she and another woman are giving their boss a shoulder rub. The other woman, wearing a bikini top, is named Trina. She calls the topless woman Tina, but there's no Tina in the credit. So by process of elimination, I guess it's Amy.

Secret Games 2: The Escort (1993)
icebag2 was written on June 3, 2007

Sex all over the place

Beautiful breasts, with nice fullness, that lay somewhat close to her torso and have nice weight. We see them all over the place, and they never lose their attraction. She’s not so hot in the face, though.

Round Trip to Heaven (1992)
Immy was written on September 2, 2005

Topless (0:19)

Amy is quite a hot morsel. She's in a bedroom with Corey Feldman and she seductively pulls off her top, leaving her in just a g-string. Well-shaped, natural-looking C-cups on display for a decent amount of time.

Sexy Lingerie III (1991)

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