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2011 Femme Fatales 2 Reviews
2011 Chemistry 1 Review

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Femme Fatales (2011)
McKinnon was written on May 24, 2012

Various; ep: Behind Locked Doors

Ana plays a tough inmate in the series premiere, and shows off her perfect body in a shower sequence, with a rear closeup as she walks in, and a look at most of her body throughout this scene (which involves a fight). She and Kit Willesee have a sex scene in their cell, alternating between slow lovemaking and hard grinding. Most of this is waist up only.

McKinnon was written on May 4, 2012

Various: ep: Help Me Rhonda

Ana's short robe is removed by Crystal Allen as she lays back in a lounge chair and Crystal straddles her, then kisses down Ana's body, with some closeups of her B cups. This is a believable romantic/sexy scene, done in the sunlight, without the predictable positions. Late in the episode, day has turned to night, and her robe is torn open by a criminal, who runs his gun down her stomach, threatening to rape her. Later, after she commits murder, she's in the shower to wash off the blood, with a large closeup of her toned ass, followed by one last breast view as she's crying on the floor.

Chemistry (2011)
saskabush was written on June 23, 2013

Incredible nude and sex scenes throughout the entire series

Chemistry ran for about 10 episodes, and every single episode has at least one hall of fame-worthy sex scene involving Ana Alexander, who plays a statuesque police woman who gets the hots for a man she helps out. Not long after their first meeting, she's giving him fellatio (followed by one of the hottest cunnilingus scenes I've seen made for TV as he returns the favor - not hardcore, but Alexander's reactions sell it). Other episodes include masturbation, some girl on girl/threesome action, from behind, shower, car sex, movie theater sex. Frankly, the nearest I can compare it to is Krista Allen's legendary work on the Emmanuelle in Space TV series.

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