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1993 Sex and the Single Alien 0 Reviews
1993 Anthony's Desire 1 Review

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Sex and the Single Alien (1993)
Anthony's Desire (1993)
dogbreath was written on October 30, 2000

3 brief scenes

Artsy-Fartsy meets incomprehensible movie, but I taped it off cable just to get a few more glimpses of Ms. Alexander. Each of her scenes is on a stage. First, fully nude standing then reclining while caressing another woman...nothing really exciting going on between them, but you get a good look at her incredible body for about 20 seconds. 2nd scene, close up side view of her fully nude sitting on the floor, a bit of full frontal. 3rd scene, she's reclining fully nude in a sea of other fully nude women and you can see her, in between the stupid cut aways, lounging and touching everyone. This woman is a buff, full breasted amazon, and its a real shame there's no movie yet that features her in all her glory.

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