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Boris Pietsch
dvdcollector was written on October 31, 2003

Distant rear view wearing hospital gown

Plays a patient (and former medical student) who gets up out of bed and grabs a nurse and various doctors. As he is wearing only a hospital gown (backless), we can see his butt from a distance (rather nice for what one can see) and get a glimpse of penis if one freezes the frames.

Barnaby Metschurat
atom was written on October 30, 2003

postcoital full nudity

At the one-hour mark of this medical thriller, Metschurat appears fully nude in a one-minute after-sex scene with Heike Makatsch (who wears bra and panties). The lighting conspires with Metschurat's awkwardly contorted position to obscure any view of the actor's genitals, though the rest of his toned young body is certainly on display. In an earlier scene, Metschurat and Makatsch have energetic sex--the film turns Makatsch's caress of Barnaby's genitals into a comic moment--but we get only a brief glimpse of Metschurat's upper butt crack. In this sex scene, and in a public street scene later in the film, Metschurat appears in tight bikini briefs. "Anatomie 2" also includes a clear shot of an unknown soccer player's nude body; a male extra is giving the player a leg massage when Heike Makatsch (who is a woman, by the way, for those of you unfamiliar with German names) walks into the locker room. The player, who is lying face down on a massage table, reaches for a towel in order to cover his naked, and distinctly firm, rump.

dvdcollector was written on October 31, 2003

Upper half of butt and sideview

His body looks better here than in Chill Out, but he shows less of it. There is a scene where, after sex, he is lying naked next to a woman, but the scene is filmed in such a way that we see his body only from the side. In the front, we can see everything but his pubic hair and penis. The rear is out of the camera angle. Earlier in the film, we see his upper butt half as he has sex with his underwear pulled half down. We see a few glimpses, as the camera does some "fancy" work -- and one of these glimpses (but only one) was digitally altered after the film was made (listen to the director's commentary on the German version of the film) because the underwear had slipped out of position. Incidentally, when the woman reaches into his underwear to grab his penis, he is in fact wearing a second pair of underwear, so her hand is between two layers of underwear.

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