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Ancient Desires' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Russell, Regina 3 Reviews
Paul, Zoe 1 Review
Newman, Amber 1 Review
Hall, Gabriella 1 Review
Drew, Griffin 2 Reviews
Bodnar, Jenna 1 Review

Ancient Desires' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Orazio, Vince 1 Review
Hayes, Duggan 1 Review
Curtis, Steve 1 Review
Bradshaw, Micah 1 Review

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Regina Russell
trickykid was written on February 11, 2001

Pyramid Love scene

Regina does an awsome scene in a pyramid with some guy about halfway through the movie. She also does one really sexy scene at the beginning where she's pushed down on a table and forcefully taken. At the end she does a sexy scene on a bed with a string of slaves or something. All her scenes are really hot and she is one beautiful redhead. (My favorite is the pyramid one) She's also a good and really natural actress which is really rare in these kinda movies. It really makes the sex scenes more beleiveable than what you normally see from softcore actresses. p.s. she also has perfect REAL breasts which is very refreshing ;-)

Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Regina FEST!

A must-watch for Regina fans! Regina has 2 brief scenes (:31 in see-thru outfit, :56.5 as bra comes off) and 4 longer scenes. The 1st long scene is at :40-:44 as she has sex with the evil twin of her husband on a chess board. Lots of well-lit shots of her breasts (close-ups too), bush (though the guy does a bad fake oral job), and ass as she gets it from behind. Great shots of her breasts as arms spread eagle and as she's forced to go down on him - 4*. At :59-1:01.75, she has sex with a guy in a pyramid which have great breast shots and two brief bush shots as she's bent back on the guy - also 4*. The longest and best scene (bush absent though!) comes at 1:14-1:20 when Regina has sex with several guys in a row. Several great long breast shots with close-ups and vigorous sex (most scenes were tame until this) which add bouncing breasts and ass (getting it from behind). The last scene is at 1:21.75-1:23 where there are more breast-only views. I agree with trickykid, her natural breasts are very refreshing!

Alex263 was written on May 24, 2006

sex over chess board..wall..and so on

Of all the Regina sex scenes in this movie the one with (brad bartam ??) where he does her over a chess board is the best. First he does he over the board and then he does her against a wall and then he makes her give him a blow job, which is a great scene for many reasons. first, we get great long glimpses of his hard abs and also a few shots of his pubes. the scene seems to last forever is what i'm saying and all men and women can get off on it.

Zoe Paul
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

1 scene

Zoe plays Omar's wife, who has her 4*, 4 min. nude scene at 1:06.5. She is the blonde dancing who goes topless, and then bottomless at 1:08 (several looks at her blonde bush). The bonus to the scene is that there are 2 other unnamed women having sex with guys in the scene as well, a brunette who gets a 3*, and another blonde who gets a 2*. The brunette has smallish brests, perky nips and the scene is well lit and provides plenty of close-ups. Excellent view of Zoe as well!

Amber Newman
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Female guides do more than haul packs

Amber and Gabriella play pack mules to two guys who double as jungle prostitutes at night. At :08.5-:13 - both sponge bath in the firelight after carrying packs all day...which moves on to sex (:24-:27.5)...of course! Amber has the better nudity as you see her breasts and ass more frequently and closer up. Unfortunately, the shadows hide her bush in both, but she shows more in other B movies.

Gabriella Hall
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Pack Hauler #2

Gabriella and Amber play pack mules to two guys who double as jungle prostitutes at night. At :08.5-:13 - both sponge bath in the firelight after carrying packs all day...which moves on to sex (:24-:27.5)...of course! While the 2nd scene is better lit and closer up for Gabriella, unfortunately, she's the only actress wearing a white pasty across her nether regions, which is a huge disappointment (what's up with THAT?!)

Griffin Drew
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Statue coming to life

Griffin's got a great body, muscular/large-ish legs and ass, large triangular breasts and a nice bush, all of which she shows off at :47.25 for a 3 3/4 min. scene. While she flails her hair too much and the moan-overs are horrible!, the making out at the beginning is nice as are the bush shots and breast close-ups. Long scene.

dogbreath was written on November 24, 2000

one scene

Unrated version. Griffin only has a bit part in this movie--playing a nude statue that comes to life and has impromptu sex with a male museum patron. Drew is ageless, and looks great as usual. First he goes down on her, takes her from behind, then she straddles him on a bench--facing him and also with her back to him. Good full frontal shots of her during this scene but each is painfully brief. Camera jumping gets in the way again, but if you are a Griffin fan, take a look.

Jenna Bodnar
Chicago was written on February 13, 2001

Queen Mummy

You don't get extra points for acting in B-grade soft-core movies, and that's a good thing for Jenna. Jenna plays the Mummy Queen and has 3 longer nude scenes each gets better as the movie progresses (1 short flashback at :28). At :03.5, she has a 2 1/2 min. sex scene with the lecturer on the desk during the slide show (a dream). At :18.25, she again has sex with the professor/lecturer in a cave for >2 min. Her final scene at :33.25 (for ~3 min.) is in the best lighting in various sexual positions. She has a shapely body, good full-sized breasts, nice nips, good ass. Unfortunately, the scenes are not erotic, have horrible breathe-/moan-overs, and in one scene you can again see a pasty over her pubes (last scene).

Vince Orazio
Ozzie700 was written on June 20, 2001

Male Tourist #1

As male tourist #1, Vince participates in a busy dining room table sex scene with female tourist #1. Most of this scene focuses on male and female tourist #2. He later services the queen (living in Regina Russell's body), as his curvaceous, if overly pale butt is seen in the mirror. While he does her doggy style his exquisite chest is in full view. Interestingly, he seems to be wearing a sock as she rides him, but when she kicks him out of the bed, I thought I saw a brief flash of willie along with the pubic hair.

Duggan Hayes
Ozzie700 was written on June 20, 2001

Hot Body

Duggan (credited as Dugan) has the dual role of archaeologist George Reno and his purely sexual, Queen-created double. He's the best reason to watch the movie, quirky as the professor, driven and passionate as his double. His leathered face is balanced out by a nice set of buns (never seen in a good shot, unfortunately), nipples to sink teeth into, and a beautifully defined torso, covered with the perfect amount of blonde hair. Look for a brief possible frontal when he's giving his wife oral on top of the chess board.

Steve Curtis
Ozzie700 was written on June 20, 2001

Watch Illicit Lovers

Steve is Bob (credited as Bot, very sloppy), a professor and younger assistant to Dugan. As an actor, Steve Curtis is a very good porn star. Unforunately, no one seemed to realize this here, and he has his clothes on much too often. He even has a brief dual role! His two sex scenes, first with the Queen Mummy and later with Regina Russell, are badly shot (I hate the old bit with the man lifting his leg to keep his privates hidden), and only give teasing hints of his compact stomach and candy sweet ass. This can pass the time, but he's better showcased in Illicit Lovers.

Micah Bradshaw
Ozzie700 was written on June 20, 2001

Male Tourist #2

Male Tourist #2, Micah has an oddly sexy bracelet of barb wire or thorns tattooed on his upper right arm. He gets a lot of footage in the dining room scene with Female Tourist #2, but she's hideously skinny, all ribs, and looking at her brings nausea. His surfer boy looks and sleek body are seen to better advantage when he takes his turn servicing the fuller Regina. Average backside, but he knows how to use his lips and tongue, which makes the scene all the better. If you want to see Micah in a hotter sexual situation, watch as he disrobes during the "strip poker gone wild" flashback during Sexual Matrix.

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