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Rebecca De Mornay
jimmysays was written on February 1, 2001

pool table scene

Maybe not a very hot scene, but you do get to see all the goods. Lots of panning up RDM's body, and what a body it is. She was in shape for this film. And her tits looked better than in any other flick she's been in, except for the very brief shots in Risky Business. The movie really sucked but this scene is a winner.

TheOneAndOnlyJman was written on December 11, 2001

A Young Rebecca

A few minutes into this classic love story (boy meets girl, boy drills girl, girl asks boy to marry him so she can get paroled), De Mornay is getting screwed by Vincent Spano up against the wall of the gym. She really gets into it, moaning and everything. She's only wearing socks, but you don't see any full frontal. Later, she puts Frank Langella's head in between her legs on a pool table and he gives her oral sex. Finally, she and Spano go at it again where he works. He pulls off all her clothing, again no full frontal. They get interupted by a tour group checking the place out. I guess the locks weren't put on the doors yet. In addition to Rebecca, there's another scene where Spano has sex with another woman but I don't think her name was mentioned, and she goes full-frontal. Overall, this movie isn't very good. Plenty of bad '80's music and haircuts, but Rebecca's scenes make the movie at least tolerable.

Annie May was written on October 15, 1998

Various exhibitionist and sex scenes

A remake of an old classic sex film featuring Brigitte Bardot, by the same director! Rebecca is allowed to go a lot farther that Brigitte was allowed to in the old days, flashing, flaunting, and in sex scenes. She has a marvelous reaction to having her breast sucked on in one scene that convinced me that it was ad libbed! The story is a simple one: Man meets nympho, man falls in love with nympho, nympho is too much for man. She is naked or acting sey throughout most of this movie, so enjoy.

DrPhibes was written on June 20, 2000

Up against a wall!

A pretty meandering remake of the old Bardot flick, but DeMornay (despite a dodgy '80's hairdo that doesn't flatter her) is sexy and has one nice nude scene at the start in which she wraps herself around Vincent Spano and bangs him against a wall. It's brief, but her friskiness and perky breasts make it memorable. Later she screws Frank Langella on a pool table (tame) and gets caught whilst having brief breast-exposing sex with Spano again.

tromeo2 was written on May 2, 2001

two version. Rated R and UNRATED

Both the R and UNRATED version get four stars, but you definitly get more for your rental fee with the UNRATED version. Ms. De Mornay is featured in at least 3 or 4 scenes and they're all pretty hot. Rebecca was in her late 20's for this movie and was in prime physical condition. She's not a bad actress, but this movie is a don't watch it for the plot. Images/video from some scenes are available on the internet.

StevieW was written on June 27, 2003

OOOOOHHH Rebecca!!

Rebecca was beautiful in this film,no one remembers the scene where she changes clothes in a gym? She had no panties on,it was brilliant!! And we got a better look at her besides the brief scene in Risky Business,it was a nice long lingering scene,beautiful hiny.

boba was written on April 26, 2001

Up against a wall

Rebecca plays a bad girl, and she gets drilled up against a wall, standing, wrapping her legs around the guy's body. He holds her perfect ass and they do it. Later she gets eaten, and the guy's head is right in her crotch. This actor got to know Rebecca quite well.

mistermartin was written on January 19, 2005

Various Nude scenes

Her nude scenes are the only reason to buy this DVD.

Condor was written on April 20, 1999

Not very good

In this movie Rebecca dont look very sexy as she shouldthere r only two nude scenes I can remember the first in the begining when she we can she her briefly nude making with a guy standingshe is being seen from the side only, the brief ass shot while Rebecca is geting dressed standing only with her snickersthe other is towards the end when we can get a clear ass shot of her sitting on a guy having sexAll in all this is a dumb movie and not worth the rent if you insist just watch the beginig and the end for brief Rebeccas nude.

soupy was written on March 14, 2001

De Hornay

Rebecca looks great in this movie. You get to see it all. Her body looks so tight and shows off her tight ass. The sex scenes dont suck.

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