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1974 Scream... and Die! 1 Review

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Scream... and Die! (1974)
12-string was written on March 28, 2001

could've been more

Knockout dark blonde Allan is the lead here, as a model whose boyfriend disappears while committing a crime and who gets involved with a new guy who has secrets. Her nude scenes are fairly short, but there are several. She undresses casually at home, early on, providing the longest look at a truly awesome, all-natural rack. Wow. She's seen in and out of the tub when her roommate returns from a trip, mostly breasts but a quick glimpse of beaver. Another scene, too long-shot, getting out of her bra while changing clothes. Lastly, a fairly long topless makeout with the new boyfriend at his remote, dark country house (uh-oh), with a good look at her breasts again when she wakes alone after sex and gets up to put on her bra (no!). All of these could have gone on much longer, but there are some fairly satisfying looks at her in this picture. As with Spinal Tap's amps, Allan goes to 11.

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