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year title
2004 Ranch, The 1 Review
1994 Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III 1 Review
1994 Illicit Dreams 1 Review
1993 Night Eyes Three 1 Review
1993 Double Threat 1 Review
1992 Night Eyes II 1 Review
1990 Night Eyes 4 Reviews
1990 Down the Drain 1 Review
1976 Massacre at Central High 1 Review

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Ranch, The (2004)
Neptune3 was written on September 25, 2006

Two obscured nude scenes

In this obscure, straight-to-video, Canadian-made film (directed by Andrew's mom Stella Stevens!), Andrew has two semi-nude scenes. First, he is lying in bed when a farm woman comes in and rips the sheets off his bed where is is sleeping nude. He has to grasp at anything nearby (which, in this case, is a hat) to cover himself with. He is shown briefly fully naked but with the hat over his genitals. Later, in the scene that makes either rental or inexpensive purchase worthwhile, he is taking a mud bath with another actor and they have to evacuate it quickly to see why shots are bing fired. They each have on skin-tight briefs which are wet and muddy and they are shown from behind and from the front as they race back to the house. Andrew, unfortunately, soon covers himself with a wadded up shirt, but for a bit, you can see his wet, muddy basket through his briefs along with his perfect torso.

Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994)
Ozzie700 was written on January 30, 2003

Side Rear

Andrew packs his blue jeans as well as ever here, but there isn't a lot of male nudity to recommend (although if you're into camp, Morgan Fairchild's performance is beyond hilarious). At :29 Andrew is involved in a scene which seemed to be a trademark of many of his films - he runs his tongue up Sherri's nude legs/butt/back, and then she does the same to him, giving a close view of his very ample left cheek.

Illicit Dreams (1994)
jcp was written on August 1, 2000

the dream is reality

in one scene the dream turned into a reality when both Andrew Stevens and Shannon Tweed were naked and having sex I tell you Drew and Shan did an excellent job in that movie.

Night Eyes Three (1993)
GDH was written on May 24, 2002


We see Stevens' muscular bum in two sex scenes with Shannon Tweed: in the first it's obscured by her foot and hands, but in the second we get a nice clear view as the pair are smooching standing up. For comedy value, if you look carefully you can see the cloth barrier Stevens is using to avoid genital contact fall away between his legs...

Double Threat (1993)
cecil was written on October 14, 2001

sex scene

During a sex scene with Sherrie Rose, the camera pans from their feet to their heads. We see the bottom of the left side of his rear. He is laying between her legs, and they hide the top part. Not worth renting just for this.

Night Eyes II (1992)
Ozzie700 was written on January 5, 2003

Look elsewhere

Andrew's body was flawless here, he wears the tightest blue jeans, he makes very arousing faces during sex, knows how to use his tongue, but...no nudity. I even rented the unrated version, but the most you see is side/hip.

Night Eyes (1990)
cecil was written on July 28, 2006

sex & a shower

The scenes are well described, I'll add times. The shower scene with Tanya Roberts takes place at about 69 minutes. Then at 87 minutes we see the two of them standing in a window, embracing, and a brief side view of his bare rear. Beware, his nudity appears only in the unrated version. In the "R" version of these two scenes, the camera stays above his waist.

Spice_Girl was written on May 21, 2006

Several great rear shots

Andrew Stevens was so hot here. He had one the greatest bodies ever when he made these flicks, and thank god he didn't mind showing it off. The shower scene is the best, although there are one other really hot sex scene with Tanya Roberts. I'd love to see more of this hunk, they should really release this movie on DVD.

Luo was written on October 16, 1998

butt action in nude scene

if you admire man with great bod andsexy bun, you must see Andrew Stevenserotic performance in this movie.He strip down for several sex scene.He has a big ass that really drive you crazy!

yowza was written on July 19, 1999

Butt in shower

The best scene is the love scene in a big shower. Stevens' butt his big, round, tight, smooth and muscular! Nice long scenes, too. A must-see!

Down the Drain (1990)
Ozzie700 was written on February 4, 2003


Very early in the film he's having sex with Teri as they inadvertently change the channels (the remote is underneath their thrusting bodies). His pants and underwear are down and his butt is exposed from the side. He also has a towel scene later on, but ultimately this is a waste of time, especially compared to his extensive rear exposure in his later soft-core work. Skip this.

Massacre at Central High (1976)
MisterTeas was written on May 28, 2003

I didn't see anything

According to some, you can see Andrew's butt during the sex-on-the-beach scene, but I couldn't make anything out. You do get a nice view of his package in white briefs in a gym changing room, though.

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