Andromina: The Pleasure Planet's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Leigh, Shannan 6 Reviews
Kinnear, Lana 1 Review
Hale, Susan 3 Reviews
Featherly, Susan 3 Reviews
Edwards, Flower 4 Reviews
Drew, Griffin 5 Reviews
Deland, Shyra 4 Reviews
Broussard, Tess 4 Reviews

Andromina: The Pleasure Planet's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Roman, Mike 1 Review
Boeving, Christian 1 Review

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Shannan Leigh
Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

One excellent scene

Shannan's nudity starts about 37 minutes into the movie, although she starts to dance and tease us a couple of minutes before her top even comes off. Her breasts are very large and fake, but I thought they looked GREAT on her wonderfully curvaceous body. We get many looks at her excellent tits before she finally gets fully naked, and we see some ass and slight bush. The guy takes her from behind, and we get side and frontal views of her breasts, and some side views of her butt. In my opinion, she has the best sex scene in the movie. She's got an awesome body, and it's only too bad that this was her only scene.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

1 scene

Dogbreath's review is right on. Just to add a little... The scene runs nice and long at :37.25-:42 and she is a good looking, full-figured girl with non-stop curves. 2 unfortunates...her breasts are fake, and torpedo-like and too large even for her body...and her mohawk bush shots aren't repeated much, rather, you see that ridiculous white pasty at times. Still, she's got a killer face and curves.

b00bfan was written on March 29, 2006

She is so hot

Shannan and a guy are feeling eachother up but a rock and she exposes her HUGE breast(i dont care if they are fake, i love em). She is given oral by the guy and she presses her boobs together. Then she gets it from behind while standing and the guy really grinding his stuff into her. She lets him get a few squeezes of her breasts for him also and she even does a little bit herself.

Anton_LaVey was written on May 12, 2001

1 Very HOT Scene :)

She has a HUGE chest albeit very fake. She does an extremely erotic strip tease for us that has lots of finger sucking, breast grabbing and such. Finally they get down to business. Leigh arches her back up against a pole and lets her bf eat her out. Not a great oral scene done by him, but the faces she makes, and the way her huge breasts stick right out make this a tremendous part of the scene. Next up, she bends down slowly (wonderful view of her curves/hips/ass), gets down on all fours, and twirls her head fast while taking him into her mouth. Great oral scene again! Leigh bangs her head as he thrusts INTO her gaping mouth for at least 45 seconds...Hard to say if this is better then the oral Deland does, but it is extremely erotic. The scene continues as he bangs the hell out of her from behind and we get to see her huge breasts hanging and swaying. More incredible breast squeezing/displaying/mashing as she kneels and he continues to pound away fast and furious (look at her face..she is really enjoying this!!) The scene ends with more incredible fast and hard sex with him doing her from behind while she places her hands against a tree for support (we also get to see her bigger then average but curvy ass gyrate and get spanked). Overall, great nudity, everything but lips is displayed. The sex? WOW!!! Excellent scene!

dogbreath was written on November 13, 2000

one long scene

Unrated version. Shannan, a new soft-core hottie,has a decent scene early in the flick. It almost rates a 2, but I dig her look. Huge breasts, curves that'll kill ya. She dances a bit,and then strips, and leans back against a pole as a guy goes down on her. Fully nude during the whole scene. You get a pretty extended look of her pulsing front during this. Eventually, she ends up on the ground getting it doggie style. You see her from the front, leaned over for most of it, then a bit of full frontal she leans back. A bit of standup doggie work too. She seems pretty into it, and the whole scene is pretty yummy.

LadySex was written on December 28, 2003

Unrated Version

What can I say. It's great!! See the unrated version!!!

Lana Kinnear
Bruinsfan was written on June 15, 2001

Lesbien Pie sceene

Lana Kinnear is known to many as Lana Star from the WOW women of wrestling. Lana has also done a few hosting work for VIVID porn videos. I am not sure that she has done a porn though she wasn't nude in the VIVID movie I saw. Ok, as for this movie. Lana is shown full frontal nude there are closeups on her pussy, tits, and face. Lana is very hot as she has lesbien simulated sex with another girl. A guy has to decide which girl makes the better pie. He thinks they are both gross..So they start fighting and then they start kissing and so on the blonde is Lana.

Susan Hale
Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

One scene

Susan appears in a lengthy stripping/sex scene during the opening minutes. She starts off stripping for the crowd, but she's soon joined by a male partner, and she has some missionary and doggie-style sex before riding him at the end. She shows plenty of her modest breasts and ass, but most of her exposure is a little too dark. There are some well-lit close-ups that give us a better look at her, but I still wasn't too impressed. Probably the weakest sex scene in the film.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

1 strip/sex scene

Susan strips on stage and has sex with a guy from the audience at :02-:07.5. While the main camera is wobbly and the scene is dimly lit, you can see the outline of her breasts and ass (great one!). Later in the scene the camera work improves DRAMATICALLY as you see through the robot's eyes who is sitting right next to the stage giving better views of her hanging/bouncing breasts as he gives it to her from behind. Had it not been for these views and sex, it wouldn't have barely made it to 3*.

icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009


She opens the film with her very nice figure, all the curves just the right size, and all there for the viewing. She plays a bar dancer who takes it all off, then calls up one of the patrons so he can give her a good boffing in a variety of positions. In a way, this is the best sex scene in the film. It’s probably the one you’ll want to re-play. There’s a doggy position with every boy/girl sex scene, but in hers, her man holds her arms behind her, emphasizing the interplay of the curves of her hips, waist, and back. Wowf!

Susan Featherly
Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

One sex scene

Susan's lone scene is near the 51 minute mark. We see her ass a few times, get some looks at her bush, and of course, there are many views of her natural breasts, which are surprisingly large considering how thin (in my opinion, too thin) she is. We get many nice views of her hanging breasts, as well as many looks at them while she's on her back. Very nice scene.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

1 scene...very nice!

Susan is an attractive blonde girl with a fantastic body--natural large D-sized breasts, trim. At :51.25, she has a 5 min. nude scene as she sexes a guy in the great outdoors...ass, lower abdomen, top of bush (several times), breasts. As she gets it from behind, there are great shots of her nice hanging breasts. More breast views as the guy simu-orals her. I could have stood for a few scenes!

icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Checking out men

Really nice boobs, really nice smile, and this gal loves gettin’ her stuff. She has one sex scene, nude, which is mostly sent lying on her back as her found-in-the-woods lover shows her the pleasures of orality. (Did I just write that?) Most women’s breasts disappear or get into funny shapes when they lie on their back, but Susan’s chest remains in full glory. Susan has a joie de vivre about sex that makes you just like her a lot. Not to mention how great she looks with her clothes off.

Flower Edwards
icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Tough gal

Ah, Flower. Once again, she steals our hearts. She tries to play the tough gal, but in the end she just loves to take it all off and get her share. In a marvelous sequence, she gets strapped wrist, waist, thigh, and ankle to an X-rack, stark naked, legs apart, while her man gives her what for. Actually, her wrists aren’t fastened, which probably gets around the McKinnon laws. But Flower makes it look good. Her slender figure doesn’t take a second seat to the more developed ones in this film. Though every actress in the film has a frontal shot of her hipal region, only Flower shows us Pleasure Central without hinting around. From the rear as well as the front. Again and again. I like actresses who aren’t shy about that. Flower isn’t.

Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

Two scenes

Flower briefly appears naked about 33 minutes in, but it's merely a preview of her sex scene later in the film, which occurs about half an hour later. It starts off with a clear look at her butt (and an annoyingly large tattoo), and we also see some of her small breasts and bush. The majority of the scene has her tied up, and sometimes spreadeagled, but while she shows everything, including some brief labia, I found her scene to be too dark and shadowy. And while I did think she looked good, I wasn't thrilled by her, since I generally prefer more voluptous women.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

1 scene + 1 foreshadowing scene - BEST of the movie!

"Flower" name aside, Flower rocks the screen at 1:03.5 for 5 tremendous minutes as she sexes a prisoner. Nothing is left out--smallish breasts, nice nipples, several clear bush shots, labia, ass. EXCELLENT JOB! For much of the scene, Flower is spread eagle on a rack including being upside down and being eaten by the guy. She also simu-orals him and gets it from the rear as she helps by stimulating herself. This scene is foreshadowed for 30 sec. at :32.75. While not a nude scene, Flower has a hot masturbatation scene (over clothes) while Shyra gets it on with a guy at 1:18-1:23.5. All around fantastic!

Anton_LaVey was written on May 12, 2001

Domination Scene

Flower Edwards (yes that's her name) whose been tauting/tormenting this guy, finally breaks loose and decides to get nasty with her prisoner. She's wearing this hot little black latex outfit (which she masturbates through earlier in the film..whoops!), and we see her small tush get grabbed fiercly through it and she rubs her crotch against his leg in all the excitement. Off come her pants, and we get a nice glimpse of her lips from behind as her top shortly follows. Next her ties her up on this device that spreads her arms/legs wide apart, and we are given a large amount of clear shots of her lips and bush even though it's dark in the scene (great job guys). He kisses/fondles her for a boringly long time (including an interesting part where she gets flipped UPSIDE down on the 'rack' while he tastes her). He frees her from her bondage, and allows her to do a weak oral that is only noteworth for the great curves we see as she's coming up. The sex scene finally occurs when he does her standing up in a positino that's impossible to do. Overall, as a sex scene, it sucks, but as far as nudity, excellent! Flower bares all: breasts, ass, lips, etc :)

Griffin Drew
icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Sappho A

Wow. Great figure, sweetest face in soft-core, all nude, in two lesbian scenes with Tess Broussard. She wears faux a Greek robe, cut all the way up on one side, easily removed, that makes her look so cute and available for you pleasure. Viewing pleasure is all, unfortunately, but Tess can’t resist unfastening it and letting us have our eyeful. Here’s all of Griffin in two long scenes making Tess feel good. Enjoy. This woman was born to be naked.

Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

A few scenes

Griffin first gets naked during a lesbian scene with Tess Broussard about 17 minutes in. We get all kinds of views of her great breasts, mainly while she's on her knees, and on her back. We also see some of her ass and some bush during this scene. 33 minutes in, we briefly see a flashback of this sex scene. Then, 45 minutes in, we get brief full frontal nudity from Griffin before she has a second lesbian scene with Tess, and we see more of her tits, although it pales in comparison to her earlier scene. She looks a little too thin, but overall, Griffin looks great, and her exposure is terrific.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

2 scenes + 1 flashback

Dogbreath is dead on. Drew's first scene is at :16.5-:20 where you see everything as they first fondle each others' breasts, trade being on top of each other, and grind each other from the rear. The oriental girl (they never say her name...either Tess, Gina-Raye, or Stephanie...more likely one of the latter two) looks less comfortable and her body isn't as good looking as Griffin's. There's a brief flashback of this scene of Griffin at :32.75. The last scene is at :44.75, lasting 2 min.

dogbreath was written on November 13, 2000

2 scenes

Unrated verion. Griffin has two nude lesbian lovin' scenes in this flick. The first one rates a 3, the second one a 1, so I averaged to get 2 overall. 1st scene, she's fully nude gettin it on a blanket in the forest. Nothing left to the imagination here, and you are treated to some nice drawn out scenes of her whole body as she lays back and gets it from a pretty Asian babe. 2nd scene is lame, she's sitting on a bench in a jail cell, fully nude, cuddling with another nude woman. No reall eroticism here, as they just sort of sit there. You can't really see much of here. Drew is still packin' baby!

scanman was written on August 17, 2002

Ofcourse the reviews below are ridiculous

It doesn't matter who the actress is. If she's fully nude (including pubes) for a long time in a well lit scene, it deserves 4 stars!
Breasts = 2 stars
Breasts and butt = 3 stars
Breasts and butt and pubes = 4 stars!

It's not that hard is it?!!!

Shyra Deland
icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Confused Queen

Shyra is the girl you wish lived next door. Nice tits, but not knock-outs, cute face, but not glamorous, all in all a nice package that you wouldn’t mind having regular fun with. She has two sex scenes, one in the out-of-doors, and another in a prison cell. You get her totally nude, with the barest hint of a pussy shot. She really digs takin’ the doggy. She’s probably the nicest woman to watch in this film, and there’s a lot of competition.

Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

Three scenes

Shyra first gets naked at the 25 minute mark. We see plenty of her butt, and see her breasts from a variety of angles throughout the sex scene. We see flashbacks of this scene near the 74 minute mark, and then 78 minutes in, she has another sex scene. This one is longer and more revealing than the first, since in addition to many looks at her tits and ass, she also shows some bush. As usual, Shyra looks pretty good.

Chicago was written on April 8, 2001

3 scenes

Shyra is a very attractive girl with natural large breasts and dark hair, making any scene with her enjoyable. At :25-:28.5, she pleases the king by sexing him. Ass and breasts as she's seated on the guy, gets it from behind (nice banging and breast 'flopping'), they trade simu-orals and they're seated facing. Tremendous ending with hot breathing and great orgasm. At 1:14.5, there's a repeat/flashback to the earlier sexcapade--breasts/ass for 1 min. At 1:18-1:23.5, she has her best nudity, however, as you see everything.

Anton_LaVey was written on May 12, 2001

1 Great Sex Scene!!

First she places her back to him and he squeezes her breasts, then gets off by doing a sitting position with her back to him, jiggling her breasts the entire way through the scene. Very nice. Then she does the same position to an extent, this time with her back to us, giving us a nice glimpse of her bouncing tush. They move into a extremely hot doggy in which her whole body twitches, her little ass gets pounded fast, and her hair is pulled and jerked all the while she moans and groans. A quick sitting again with her face to us, this time more attention is paid to her breasts. Pay close attention to her face..wonderful facials at the end (she looks totally out of it in ectasy). Then she goes down on him after taking him inside, thus tasting her own juices on his member. Tremendous oral scene!! She does extremely long and fast thrusts onto him, him grabbing her head and pushing it down further as she sucks him hard with her mouth. He returns the favor by going oral on her. Then they both stand and screw, her body pounding fast once again onto him, Overall, a great sex scene. Only a 3 because all that is shown of her body is breasts mainly, with a couple of poor ass/bush shots..

Tess Broussard
Cyclone was written on October 22, 2002

A few scenes

Tess first gets naked during a lesbian scene with Griffin Drew near the 17 minute mark. We see all of her ass, but her breasts are surprisingly not shown very well for much of the scene. We do, however, get a full look at her great boobs and even some bush at the end of the scene. 33 minutes in, we get a brief flashback to the forementioned scene. Then, 45 minutes in, she has another lesbian scene with Griffin. It starts with a good view of her breasts, and we get more looks at her boobs and the side of her butt during this scene. Finally, we get a very brief peek at one of her tits 85 minutes in. Tess looked great, and while she did show pretty much everything, the vast majority of her exposure didn't show enough of her great body.

icebag2 was written on January 4, 2009

Sappho B

Tess, meet Griffin. Griffin, meet Tess. Oh . . . you two seem to have already met. I can tell because you both wear this barely there Greek robe that is so revealing you might as well not be wearing it at all, and when you take Griffin’s robe off she takes yours off so you can have a big boob contest, a nice ass contest, and a who can make look oral sex look the most real, both on the giving and receiving end. Once in the glade, and once again in the prison cell where you both went to save the man of your dreams but got horny for each other and quite distracted. Too bad the director didn't let a man try his hand with her. I'll bet it would have been pretty good.

limacharliewhiskey was written on October 16, 2002

Tess is the Asian hottie with Griffin

Tess is the Asian girl who appears in all of the girl-girl scenes with Griffin Drew. See description for Griffin Drew for details on the scenes.

thinman873 was written on July 5, 2012

Hot Lesbian Scene

It is a good scene ... she shows everything.

Mike Roman
GDH was written on September 21, 2002

Flashes of backside

This lithe, olive-skinned dish provides quick flashes of his bum and pubes in two sex scenes; one of the scenes also has several good views of his bum from the side.

Christian Boeving
misty_rose was written on December 23, 2004

Butt from the side

Christian gets a long sex scene in this film, though sadly, not much nudity comes from it (which isn't all that surprising, since the film is targeted at those who want to see the women). We do see some of his pubic hair as he humps the girl doggie-style, and then in a wide shot of him on his knees and bent over to lick her, his ass is shown from the side for about 5 seconds. The ass shot, the sex factor and the fact that the whole scene is in very good lighting makes it worth about a star and a half. Overall, the movie is't worth seeing if you're looking for nudity from Christian only, but maybe worth a rent if you're satisfied just by seeing his muscled body having sex.

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