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Carole Laure
BushLeague was written on October 13, 2002

Don't get this for the porn!

On EBay I saw the bidding go to $91(US) for this film! It is not worth it, unless you are a Carole Laure completist, or you are a historian on the transition of mainstream cinema to hard core. The scenes are so dark in the copy I got that you will only get at most a 1/2 second of contact before the scene goes so dark you can't make out any details. But, if you must know--A guy massages her blood soaked mound with inviting milk hole perched precariously on top. He then blows smoke on it and the blood disappears and an unobstructed view is given for a few seconds. Brief flash of her 36b's and longer look in relatively bright lite when she tries on a shirt. Flirtatious look a ma'ams as she fixes hair in bed. Very contrasty look at both pears and barest outline of muff hairs as guy caresses her in bed. Various quick singleton shots of tit in dark as she goes through some mild upper body contortions. Then probably the best, brightly lit look at her left side (full length) and round, firm butt cheek you will ever see as she lies on a bed and plays with a kitten(for some reason she religiously tries to keep her butt covered throughout the rest of the film). Brief, mostly dark tit flashes as she stands in front of a window. She then dances for about 15-30 seconds topless in relatively bright light--you've struck gold: by far the best nude scene in the movie. In the movie I bought the "sex scene" is shown as repeated outakes after the end of the film. The most you see is an erect penis make about four pumps in her highly darkened crotch area so you can't see any contact. You can see the very darkened outline of her lips touch his erect cock. You can make out the insertion of his hard on into her mouth, but no strokes. You can barely make him out jacking off afterwards, but no spunk shot.

slavedriver was written on November 6, 2002

In short......

She is topless several times throughout, bush is seen only briefly. The sex scene is a bust, because the "black and white" film is mostly black. Their foreplay lasts a tediously long time with nothing much going on. For a couple seconds it looked (through the darkness) like she was blowing him, then it went all black. You can barely make out his wick dipping into her heavy bush a couple times, but she's quiet throughout it. It's so pitch black that they could have been using blow-up dolls for this and we wouldn't be able to tell. Overall, not really erotic, but as stated previously the foreplay-to-sex sequence does oddly repeat a few times for some reason. I paid a pretty penny for this, and since I'm a Carole completist (she's second only to Nasti Kinski on my list of Most Beautiful Women EVER) I'm not necessarily bummed about it. Of course I wish I could've seen her really getting a pounding. but it'll do.....

thefaceman32 was written on October 19, 2003

Penetration - Oral - Gyno - Ejaculation

And I thought the Oral scene in Sweet Movie was her most explicit movie, boy was I wrong...

00:48:00 Boobs, buns and stuff making love. Long scene, but kind of dark.

00:51:00 Boobs again walking around the house doing some weird stuff

duckem was written on May 11, 2002

B&W Film Noire Porn

This is a black & white film noire film with little dailogue. It;s directed by Carole Laure's former lover and her co-star was her current husband. She is seen topless at variois times at the movie but has an EXPLICIT sex scene with her husband complete with oral and vaginal penetration, cunnilingus, and a facial cum shot. Sex scene starts sometime after the 30 minute mark but because of poor lighting the quality is not good.

Lewis Furey

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