Angel Above, the Devil Below, The's Sexy Actresses

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York, Linda 1 Review
Bond, Rene 1 Review

Angel Above, the Devil Below, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Bedford, Robert 1 Review

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Linda York
12-string was written on March 31, 2001

first talking vagina film?

This may be the first talking vagina film; it's inspired by THE EXORCIST but goes for sexy. Schoolgirl Linda York accidentally invokes the devil while reading NECRONOMICON in bed at night and her vagina begins to talk, incessantly. York is cute here, except she's a bit skinny, and plays most of the film full-frontal naked, including 2 or 3 lengthy boy-girl belly-to-belly sex scenes. Vaginal closeups and hardcore insert material are stunt-doubled, and film was shown in both softcore and hardcore versions, hence my including an entry for it in this essentially softcore database. (None of the featured femme cast appears to be doing her own stunt work here.) York made numerous softcore sex films beginning in the very late 60s and well into the middle 70s, but not much of her work is available on US video.

Rene Bond
12-string was written on March 31, 2001

for N/C fetishists

Early 70s sex film queen Bond is billed as "Mindy Brandt" in this picture and plays a nurse who comes to the house to take care of devil-possessed teen Linda York. However, she's ambushed in the kitchen by tattooed greaser Robert Bedford, stretched out on the table, bound, gagged with tape, and her tight nurse's uniform cut away from her body (no underwear). The hardcore version of the film also features XXX insert footage, though it doesn't appear to involve Bond herself. Film was made after Bond's breast enlargement, and they look a lot better here than they did a couple of years later, when the silicone had hardened and shifted. The picture is basically a nudie-cutie twist on THE EXORCIST, decked out with hardcore inserts and shown in both soft and hard versions.

Robert Bedford
12-string was written on March 31, 2001

for biker fetishists

Actor used this name in a couple of soft and hardcore features of the early 70s and has "BOB" tattooed on one bicep. He plays the boyfriend of Linda York's mother and has nude sex scenes with the mother, with Linda herself, and with visiting nurse Rene Bond. He can be seen fullfrontal in them, with soft penis visible. His face is visible in some of the lingus closeups, and he may have performed the hardcore sex inserts that are scattered through the film as well. Doesn't do much for the 12-stringer, but male nudity afficionados with a taste for biker types of the 1960s might find his scenes of interest, as long as you don't expect a Tom of Finland style vision.

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