Angel III: The Final Chapter's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Smith, Julie K. 1 Review
Hammond, Barbara 1 Review
Albert, Laura 1 Review

Angel III: The Final Chapter's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Jones, Tyrone Granderson 2 Reviews

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Julie K. Smith
Immy was written on November 29, 2004

Topless fighting and dancing

This is pre-boobjob Julie playing a cave girl in two great staged scenes. She wrestles another cave girl, a brunette, on a porn set and both girls lose their tops. They end up splashing around in a small pond until the director yells "Cut!" and talks to Julie about her performance as she sits there topless. This is the first time I'd seen JKS before her surgery (her "originals" are about half the size of her current ones) and she's pretty hot looking. The second scene is a few minutes later on the same set. She's performing a topless native dance in front of a tied up guy. Lots of wild gyrations and bouncing boobage. Great! I would've given this 4 stars had she been nude and had there been less focus on the idiot porn director's constant yammering.

Barbara Hammond
Immy was written on November 29, 2004

Topless on video monitor

Barbara shows up on a videotape from which Mitzi Kapture gets a clue. She's sitting down, clearly topless, though her boobs are small and her nipples almost drop out of frame, we're afforded a good but sparing look. She's the one who giggles about saying "asshole."

Laura Albert
BushLeague was written on August 6, 2003

Flashy strip

Her mouth watering chest macaroons are given some light when she removes a red sequined bra.

Tyrone Granderson Jones
Inchantrika was written on April 17, 2012

Kicked out of car naked.

It's true that Tyrone is not exactly handsome regarding his face but he's got a muscular brown-skinned body and a sexy ass which he shows against his will in this great embarrassment scene. He picks up Angel with his car and they head to a far alley where he takes out a knife and tries to force her to sex. She kisses him in the neck to persuade him to go to the backsit and get undressed while she takes a minute to get ready. He does so and removes every item of clothing, except his black hat, and then uses the knife again to impatiently rush Angel to join him in the backsit. Once she joins him, he asks her to get naked but she tells him to do it himself and when he's just taken both of her shoes off she powerfully kicks him against the car's door, which too easily opens, letting him fall to the ground. She quickly returns to the front of the car and runs off leaving the naive man stranded in his birthday suit and showing his sexy bouncing ass to the camera while hesitatingly moving from left to right without knowing where to do, or to go, next. The scene could have been even better if we had actually seen people around the unfortunate man but I give 4 stars to this scene because I'm a big and morbid fan of male embarrassment nudity scenarios.

Tassien was written on July 27, 2002

Forced to strip

He is forced to take his clothes off, and is then kicked out of the car by Angel, played by Mitzi Kapture (who keeps her clothes on in this flick). You get to see his bare butt, but he isn't good-looking at all.

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