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Angel's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Garai, Romola 1 Review

Angel's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Fassbender, Michael 1 Review

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Romola Garai
Ozzie700 was written on June 8, 2010


Romola, who plays the title role, is laying on the bed, getting a massage from an older woman (maybe her mother). You can see the side of her left breast, and then, briefly, the top of her backside as the sheet is slightly pulled down.

Michael Fassbender
smc01 was written on October 16, 2009

Prolonged rear view

Striking (but not exactly good looking) actor gives a prolonged view of his very toned body from the rear as he disrobes in this costume drama. We see him remove his top and then his underwear in full length shot, pretty close to camera and in good lighting. Without camera cut he then limps (slight limp due to some kind of injury) to the bed and slides in, barely avoiding a quick flash of frontal. Very nicely toned body on this guy with great definition in his back, shoulders, legs and ass. Very nice view.

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