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Michael Legge
mcjw2011 was written on March 26, 2003

Jerking off and stripping

Michael Legge plays an older version of Frank McCourt in this adaptation of Frank McCourt's autobiography. In one scene, he's jerking off along with three of his friends on a stone - the view is from the back, which shows part of Legge's ass covered by a shirt (the other three actors' asses are partially visible as well), and then a last scen near the end of the movie where he shows up dirtied and bruised to a girl's house. She makes him strip down in front of so that she can wash his clothes (and have her way with him), and you get a nice view of this pasty Irish actor's ass (no frontal though). The movie is depressing but worth watching, even without the nudity.

DSKestrel was written on February 23, 2000

several shots

there is a surprising amount of nudity in this film, or at least sexually-related material.for michael legge, who plays the eldest version of frank mccourt in the film, there are a couple scenes where his bottom is showing.first, he and a group of other boys are seen behind a stone wall, vigorously masturbating and shouting out various names for male genitalia. the camera then cuts to behind them, where their bare bottoms are shown.later, after delivering a telegram to a girl with consumption, he has to get out of his wet clothes and dry off by the fire. thus, when the girl comes back, he is standing completely naked. she makes a comment about the size of his penis, and in another shot seems to lead him towards the couch by pulling on it -- and the two proceed to make love.overall, the second scene is much better, a perfect example of a pasty irish youth ready for his first serious sexual encounter, despite that it's with a girl dying of tuberculosis.

Mattg was written on August 16, 2000

Young hottie

It's great to see such a young cutie taking it all off. He shows up at a dying girl's house, and has to strip down by the fire to warm up. Nice view of his backside, especially when she pulls his thingie toward the couch to have her way with him. He's quite beautiful, for a young guy.

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