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Roberta Torre

Angela's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Thomson, Anna 1 Review
Rhyne, Miranda Stuart 3 Reviews
Levine, Anna 1 Review
Blythe, Charlotte 1 Review

Angela's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Ventimiglia, John 1 Review

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Anna Thomson
Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2008

screwing on the floor

While 'Andrew' is on top of her banging away, there are several flashes of her left tit and nipple.

Miranda Stuart Rhyne
cybordemon was written on March 26, 2003

Various Scene Through out

If this is the same movie that i think we are talking about then i must say how did they get away with filming this.
the actor is only 10 years old and her sister like 7, there are various scenes of nudity in this film some even full frontal view which is surprising but they're all way too young.

Court-Jester was written on June 16, 2006

Looking into the mirror

There is one scene where we see her nude in full frontal standing in a pool all over covered with mud. This is filmed from so far away that you cannot see anything. A bit later in the film Angela/Miranda is sitting in front of a mirror, her dress opened and pulled down to her hips. With a make-up pen she paintes the outlines of a grown-up woman´s breasts on her own flat chest. Maybe she wishes to get those breasts. For about ten seconds we see her just-starting-to-grow budding little nipples on her still flat chest.

Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2008

mirror scene

She's standing in front of a mirror drawing outlines of adult tits on her flat chest. It was NOT her being covered with mud.

Anna Levine
Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2008

No scene!

She is NOT in this movie... don't know why her name is listed here!

Charlotte Blythe
Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2008

mud puddle

Yes, she is young (7 or 8), but she does show everything as she slowly turns around as 'Angela' smears mud over her body.

John Ventimiglia
Bushyboy was written on July 24, 2008

screwing on the floor

You see his ass from the side as he's banging away on 'Mae'.

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