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Catya Sassoon
Bevan was written on November 11, 1999

Blows chunks

Okay, you see a bit of Catya's jugs, but in a Hollywood where Sally Kirkland, Anna Nicole, andBrigitte Nielsen exist, she has THE worst implant job in movie history. Anyone who gets a hard-on for her should go watch tires get inflated down at the local auto repair shop for extrajollies.

GuyMannDude was written on March 2, 2000

Love scene and fighting after shower

Catya's breasts are obviously fake so if you don't like that, don't rent this movie. That having been said, she is a hardbody and her scenes in this flick are pretty good. In one scene, she fights off attackers while topless after getting out of the shower (still wet). You'll also see shots of her topless in the locker room showering. The love scene is medium long and reasonably good -- shot in slow-motion. Lots of closeups of her tummy and breasts.

Melissa Anne Moore
funke was written on June 24, 2000

Shower Scene-Full frontal

Addition to Cat Sasoon you may find
Melissa (Anne) Moore in this film.She has 3 scenes.In the first one she is in yhe shower with other fighter girls but u see only her nice breasts.In ths second one also in shower but u may see her bush easily.She talks wityh Cat Sasoon
who is also completely nude..After a while she is escaping from some cruel people a man finds her and opens her shirt:Nice breasts..But not better than shower.Dont miss this movie.The only film
Melissa Moore -Stated as "Melissa Anne Moore here-
in which u see her full frontal

Know-it-all was written on March 9, 2002

Now THIS is a shower scene.

Melissa, a cutie pie who has made a sidelight to her b-movie career taking showers on film, has a great one here. It's a locker room, and several women are in there with her, including the late Catya Sassoon. Melissa looks much better in this film than she did in the back-to-back shower scene movies "Hard to Die" and "Sorority House Massacre II". She looks fit and smooth here. The film is also shot in a way to feature her appealing height. She's 6 feet tall, and she shows every inch of her long legs in this brightly-lit shower sequence. Nice bush looks also. Later, when she's tied up, she tricks a guy into letteing her go, by seducing him. He opens her blouse and bra, so we get a bonus look st her excellent breasts.

thedoc was written on June 11, 2001


she is fabulous in the second scene where you see all of her and she stands proud and talks to catya about something and you are given a full sight.

BrianSLA was written on April 28, 2001

Full Frontal Shower Scene

I always had a crush on Melissa Ann Moore since I saw her play an Air Force sgt in " Into the Sun " here she shows all her goodies and boy are they good.......they're GREAT ! Super Hot tasty naked body.

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