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Angels in America's Sexy Actors

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Wilson, Patrick 5 Reviews
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nudity reviews for Angels in America member submitted

Emma Thompson
pauser was written on April 25, 2005

Confirmed Body Double

After leaving my review of Mary-Louise (see above) back in September, I saw this movie again tonight and her nudity still bothered me --something just didn't look right.

Upon further examination, I found an article which confirms that Emma's relatively minor nudity is definitely that of a body double --actually, a double with Emma's head super-imposed on it.


The same thing HAD to be done with Mary-Louise as well --which was why she looked so strange in that far-shot scene.

dav345 was written on December 9, 2003

touches a penis

This is good if you have an embarrassment fetish. Emma Thompson is a fully clothed doctor inspecting a fully nude (penis exposed) male. She even feels and strokes his penis, although she does have gloves on and she is doing it in a "doctorly" way, not a sexual way.

MisterTeas was written on December 13, 2003

A hands-on approach

Maybe this doesn't count, since Ms. Thompson is fully clothed througout the scene, but I think it's worth noting. She plays a nurse who examines fully nude Justin Kirk, feeling his groin and wrapping her hand around his thick, flaccid penis. I wonder what was going through her mind while filming?

MisterTeas was written on December 14, 2003

"Plasma Orgasmata"

In "Part 2: Perestroika," the beautiful Ms. Thompson, as the Angel, has an airborne sex scene with Justin Kirk, culminating in a mind-blowing orgasm (VERY intensely played). We see her nude from the side, fire covering her genital area. Although breasts are visible (briefly), I couldn't tell if they were actually Emma's or more superimposed special effects. Giving the benefit of the doubt, three stars.

Fling was written on February 16, 2006

Flaming angels

In Chapter Four (on the second disc of the DVD set), Emma Thompson as an angel has an aerial encounter with Justin Kirk.
They're nude, but digital (symbolic) flames block their genitals, and the result is breezy but not exactly hot sex. Still, some of Ms. Thompson is visible at 34:18-22, 31-34.
When she's playing the angel, Emma Thompson looks very glamorous and beautiful. Seen here in profile, her legs look nice but her bum is abit on the large side and she looks surprisingly small-breasted. (That may reflect the production technique. This image likely was shot with the actors standing up and then rotated, rather than as wire work, which would explain why Emma's titties don't seem to hang down.)

Mary-Louise Parker
pauser was written on September 20, 2004

I say BODY DOUBLE --back AND front

There's something very awkward about this scene. Maybe it's because she doesn't move a muscle after she drops the blanket --like someone told her to freeze.

Why would this actress who had to wear a shirt for the sex scene we'd just seen, suddenly now be totally naked?

If she at least had turned her head during those rear shots, I wouldn't have concluded that those shots were a body double --but they definitely were.

As far as the front --and really think about this before you all dismiss it-- I say with all the special effects in this movie, it would have been a simple walk-in-the-park for them to super-impose her face over someone else's body.

The way that scene was shot with a long shot just didn't look right to me, and I think that's why they shot it that way.

For what it's worth, "her" nipples look smaller than they did in "The Five Senses".

pauser was written on April 25, 2005


See my review of Emma Thompson.

bilfic was written on December 22, 2003

Butt and full frontal

My goodness, but some reviers are picky; nobody has as yet given this scene the 4 stars it deserves. Yes, I too wish the full frontal shots had been as close as the two butt shots, but what a body, especially on a 39-year old, and what a lovely bush! By the way, I doubt that a body double was used for the butt shots. Why wouild Mary-Louise allow herself to be shot twice, the second time at some length, full frontal, exposing breasts and bush, and then use a body double for her butt? I don't think so!

beowulf644 was written on March 30, 2008

Mary nude

Mary drops here robe and shows us her plump upturned bare butt. Camera angle then cuts to the front and we see her cute little titties and trimmed bush. As the guy walks by you see her tight white ass again and another lingering shot of her titties and trim.

ff was written on April 25, 2005

NOT a body double

This was a particularly vital scene and I found nothing odd about that scene. I mean do you move around your neck when your talking to someone? I suspected a double at first since it was shot from a distance but after looking at it closely it's definitely her. There is no mention of her head being super imposed on someone else's body in this article(

BigWoody was written on April 14, 2006

Full-frontal nudity and ass

Mary is wrapped in a blanket while talking to her husband, but he isn't paying attention to what she's saying. So Mary drops the blanket and yells "Look at me!". We see Mary's tits and public locks. Then the camera shows Mary from the back and we see Mary's ass. Then the camera shows Mary from the front again as her husband walks past her. After her husband walks out the dorr, Mary stands there fully nude for several more seconds. It's as if the Director had yelled "Cut", but the cameraman continued filming, allowing us to enjoy Mary's tits and public locks for several more seconds. Mary's tits are small but cute, and Mary's public locks are well-trimmed.

Xeyes was written on June 15, 2008

Full-frontal nudity, tits and ass

The best mary's nude.Bush, tits, ass and sex scene.Thanks Mary!!!

12-string was written on December 14, 2003

Too long-shot

Really **1/2, but not as satisfying as it could have been. About 1:50 into the second half of this overlong drama, Parker does a covered-up simu sex scene, then follows her husband into the living room and drops the blanket she's wrapped in. A couple of fairly close, decent shots from behind (don't see her face). A couple of full-frontal shots (natural fuzz, though it looks neatly trimmed), a bit too distant for best quality. The second shot of this is held rather longer than the first one. Both shots were made for the Zoom control on your DVD player, however, since nudity is not the raison d'etre of this production. The frontals would have been worth an easy **** if not so long-shot.

MisterTeas was written on December 14, 2003

"Look at me!"

The shot is a bit long, and the context more sad than sexy, but it's still Mary-Louise full frontal and rear. She has a nicely-proportioned, natural body, with medium-sized breasts and darkish, not-too-closely-trimmed pubic hair. Very courageous of her, going full frontal in an era when many actresses are skittish about flashing a boob.

dav345 was written on December 15, 2003

front and back, jack

You see her nice butt (could be a body double) and her full frontal nudity from a distance. You get 2 looks at the butt (the first one is quick, the second one is lengthy) and 2 looks at the front (the first one is quick, the second one is lengthy). The frontal shots are not exactly an anatomy lesson, considering the distance, but you can tell that she has a nice, hairy, dark bush. You could tell they were trying to be tasteful and not give you a really good look at the front, though; hence, only 2 stars. (The butt scene alone would have earned 4 stars if they had proven it was her and not a butt double).

Fling was written on February 16, 2006

Nice, but generic

Talented, small-breasted Mary-Louise Parker morosely struts her stuff in a scene beginning at 1:49:00 in Chapter Five.
There's a quick view of her ass at 1:49:16-17, and a longer one at 1:49:40-45. They're interspersed with a quick frontal shot at 1:49:17-21 and a longer one at 1:49:46-53. Unfortunately for fans, the frontal shots are from 15-18 feet.
As other reviews have noted,the context is sad and the scene is not particularly erotic. The debate over use of a butt double (unlikely) occurs because Mary-Louise's ass is by far her best feature.
From the front, Parker's smallish-average titties, neatly but not overly trimmed pussy and slender-medium frame are all attractive but unexceptional.
Mary-Louise Parker gives a very good performance here, and while she's more convincing as an actress than as a sex object, it's not as though anyone should complain about seeing her nude.

FatVercetti was written on November 2, 2004

Alot of Skin

Mary Louise Parker is another one of those not so famous actresses that really turn me on. I love her girl next door type or even naughty wife. She has a cute voice and nice white skin and a gentle look. In this scene we get good shots of her butt but I have to say that I am convinced it’s a body double to my despair. But fortunately we get two shots of her full frontal completely naked. Since nothing is perfect they’re distant and I mean distant shots but with a pause and even a zoom it’s a very fulfilling scene. She has perky, firm breasts. Medium size. Natural believe. Thank God. Her bush is very dark and trust me very large. It’s not a very long shot but it there’s enough time to admire her very sensual body. Her legs are well shaped and just in case it is her, her butt is firm, wonderfully shaped and in my opinion a sight for sore eyes. A good scene by a very sexy girl. Long live MILF.

Patrick Wilson
donby was written on September 26, 2006

Stripping naked on the beach.

Patrick Wilson is a very appealing guy. And he obviously worked out before making this movie. We see a full back-side view, and, as he moves about, we definitely can see his balls & cock through his legs. Bravo, Patrick !

The beach scene appears on the second DVD of the movie, about an hour in. Personally, I find the movie itself hard-to-take, but Patrick is worth a look.

Guiseppe was written on September 8, 2007

Patrick's obscured, big dick and nice ass

In an emotionally fleeting scene as well as nudity explotation, Patrick Wilson decides to strip off his clothes on a cold beach. He rips of his pants and we get extended shots of his cute, well-defined buttock. But, the best of this scene is when his HUGE balls and hung dick enter frame for a few seconds in which you think to yourself,"this guy is as endowed as a horse." Now if only we just saw the whole thing!

JohnnyWad was written on December 14, 2003

Ass, balls

Shucks his clothes off on beach, reveals his ass. As he lifts his leg you can see his balls and/or cock swinging.

MisterTeas was written on December 14, 2003

Rear after stripping on beach

Cute, innocent-looking actor pulls his clothes off on a beach in winter. Shot from behind, we get a good look at his nice butt and a surprisingly clear view of his penis bobbing between his thighs.

Fling was written on February 16, 2006

Cool beach

In Chapter Five during an extended scene on the beach, Patrick Wilson finally takes off his clothes.
He bares himself at 1:02:17-21, 24-25. I say finally because he's been seen previously in intimate settings, but always discreetly clothed. Here, he's literally out in the open and suddenly he's stripping, emotionally as well as physically.
Patrick also seems to be fairly well hung, because his cock is visible from behind and at a distance. He might rate higher if the views were closer, but Wilson does have a nice butt.

Justin Kirk
bilfic was written on December 22, 2003

Well hung and circumcised

The other reviewers forgot to mention that Justin is circumcised and BIG even when flaccid.

VincentD1979 was written on November 26, 2004

Physical Exam

Non sexual scene. Kirk pulls his pants off and lies on an exam table. His flaccid penis (about 3 inches in length, circumsized with pink head) sits atop his scrotum covered in light brown pubic hair. Emma Thompson examines the genitals. Camera view from side.

ravenboy was written on December 7, 2003

penis, butt, pubic hair on table

In a scene with Emma Thompson, the boyishly appealing Justin Kirk strips off his pants in a hospital examination room, showing a cute butt, then lays on a hospital bed, fully nude, showing a full-body shot of penis and reddish pubes. Not particularly erotic, but pleasantly-filmed as the rest of the movie - and not at all coy.

dav345 was written on December 9, 2003

Emma feels the penis

See review below - Emma touches and feels the penis (gloves on, done in a "doctorly" way). I certainly think this is worth mentioning.

MisterTeas was written on December 13, 2003

Full frontal from handsome, well-hung actor

The beautiful Mr. Kirk strips for a medical exam, giving us a nice look at his full bush and wonderful, thick penis. The nurse (Emma Thompson) feels his genitals and the glands in his groin. Since Mr. Kirk's character is suffering from HIV and covered with KS lesions, the scene isn't as sexy as it might otherwise be, but he does have a great package. Plus, it's surprising to see hand-to-genital contact in a high-profile production like this.

Pause-Abuser was written on December 15, 2003

Slowly disrobing and gently being probed by Emma

Finally Justin gotta let it all hang out on any screen. I was hoping he was gonna repeat his nude scene in Love! Valour! Compassion! as he did on Broadway. But he did not. Now he exhibits his succulent protruding bit Angel in America in a very clinical way. I am so flabbergasted. Nice go Justin. Keep it coming!

Fling was written on February 16, 2006

Worth noting

It takes until the 57:08 mark in Chapter Three for nudity to appear in this epic about AIDS, Jews, Mormons, sex and the lack thereof, death and the imminence and immanence thereof, American politics and the consequences thereof, and delusions of the self and others.
After that delay, though, handsome Justin Kirk shows off his buns briefly at 57:08 and his cock at 57:14-15, 30-35 and 56. As others have noted, it's good-sized and he should be happy with it. Since this scene is dry, literally and figurately,he'll have to make do with three stars.

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