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1994 Friends 6 Reviews
1974 Paul and Michelle 1 Review

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Friends (1994)
Dudester was written on August 15, 2002

Bathtub scene

She undresses in the room, which she has darkened. She has her back to her camera as she removes her panties. Then she turns toward the camera and we see her full frontal very briefly. She discovers the boy is looking at her. She picks up a towel and covers herself from the waist on down. The camera zooms in and we see-clearly lit-her tits and face.

Dudester was written on August 15, 2002

Bedroom scene

She walks in the room and asks to sleep with the boy. After he nods, she undresses-starting with her shirt. We get a close, but side view of her pert breasts. Then we briefly see her full backside when she climbs in bed with him. Next, we see her breasts as she is laying down. He puts a hand on one of her tits, then climbs on top of her. She moans as he has sex with her, but he is very quick on the trigger. End scene.

jokeman23 was written on June 13, 2000

Bath and bed scene

The girl is really young, definitely in her early teens. It was surprising to see her naked but a turn on at the same time. In the bath scene her fully naked, head to toe. In the bed scene she's topless and having sex with the guy. She's a cute looking chic with perky breasts

MrBungle was written on December 18, 1999


She is a beautiful young french actress who was only 16 or 17 when this movie was made. I had first rented this movie at blockbuster and then a couple of months later it was off the shelf, I am guessing because some hard-ass customer was upset about the under aged nudity. Anyway there is a scene where she is undressing to get in the bath and a scene where she is undressing to get into bed with her boyfriend, both you can see her firm perky breasts. Also she is lying topless in bed and on the beach with her boyfriend. Not a hard movie to find, usually for sale at most music/video retail stores.

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Underage - Breast Feeding

NOTE: This actress is underaged.

00:44:50 She gets naked before climbing into the tub. Nice tits, plus dark and brief buns & bush.

00:54:20 Nice view of her French pastries before she climbs into bed with Paul Harrison. Then he cops a feel or two!

01:03:25 She and Paul Harrison lay on a beach topless.

01:35:40 Brief boobage breast-feeding her baby. Hey kid, move your head
(breast feeding)

Omni was written on August 6, 2000

Young breasts

The topless bath and sex scenes have great nudity. The boy character sneaks a peek at Anicee's delicious body - who wouldn't? Of course the girl is quite young but the scene is great.

Paul and Michelle (1974)
Dudester was written on October 2, 2002

Nude scenes

Basically, we see a rehash of the nude scenes in Friends. There is one new topless scene, so we can compare her body at 17 and 20.

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