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Animal Instincts II's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Whirry, Shannon 3 Reviews
Sandifer, Elizabeth 2 Reviews
McLeod, Shannon 3 Reviews
Beatty, Debra 1 Review

Animal Instincts II's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Brown, Woody 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Animal Instincts II member submitted

Shannon Whirry
Gordon was written on November 13, 1999

The whole movie

This movie is all about nudity and sex, but it is ultimately disappointing. Shannon has a greatbody and you get to see it a few times, but not enough. Her sex scenes are especially disappointing. You'll get nudity in this movie, but you can find better.

Spoon was written on March 4, 2001

Unrated Version

Many scenes- starting with boobs and ass in fantasy love scene. Then loses her bikini at poolside and rubs herself. Damn, she can work those tits! Next with people she picks up in a bar with various breast and bush. Then she flashes her left boob for the hidden camera. Next is posing for photographer. Big boobs, some ass and a side view of her beaver. Moments later, she feels dirty so she takes a shower. Soon a shot of her in her undies with her new boyfriend getting tits grabbed from behind. It is now his turn to get his hands and lips on her jugs. Great nudity- great chest! See the unrated version. One of her top performances. Her nudity is as good as she has done.

storm was written on August 25, 1999

Not as the first

Shannon gets naked a fair bit in this film and you do see all of her but the scenes just aren't as good as Animal Insticts. There are much better nude scenes in the original.

Elizabeth Sandifer
Antman was written on November 25, 1999

Two scenes

This pretty blonde actress has a couple of good scenes in the movie. The first is at 23 minutes when a guy takes her dress off as soon as she walks in the door. The scene continues with her nude in the bedroom when they have sex after he takes her white bra and panties off. The second scene is at 68 minutes after a guy pulls her robe and nightgown off. There are more topless shots when the scene continues with them having sex in bed.

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Two sex scenes

In the first scene, as soon as Elizabeth walks in the door of her house, her husband pulls her dress off her, revealing her thin attractive body in nothing but her bra and panties. The scene then cuts to her husband throwing her on the bed, and he then proceeds to pull her bra and panties off, kiss her, and make love to her until she orgasms. The second sex scene is equally graphic. Elizabeth has a very attractive body, and I actually enjoyed her sex scenes in this movie more than Shannon Whirry's.

Shannon McLeod
Antman was written on November 25, 1999

Two scenes

At 15 minutes into the movie, she appears topless after removing her black bra when she tries to distract a guy installing a security camera. Just six minutes later, she is nude having sex in bed with a guy under observation by the new security cameras.

ceymisbond was written on December 30, 2001

nothing interesting

don't waste your time
she has more exciting movies
try madam

Gordon was written on January 31, 2000

Topless after working out and having sex in bed

Shannon is doing aerobics at home in her black bra and panties while a guy is installing a security camera nearby. After she's done, she strips her bra off, revealing her large, attractive breasts, and wipes her sweaty body off. Later she meets a lover in her bedroom in some sexy lingerie. He helps her out of it, and then they begin going at it, all under the watchful eye of a hidden camera. The guy goes in and out of her until she reaches orgasm. This voluptuous, dark-skinned actress is well worth watching.

Debra Beatty
Antman was written on November 25, 1999

Full frontal scene

At 28 minutes into the movie, there is a scene that shows her topless with some shots of her dark bush when she stands up. During the scene, she is posing for a photographer.

Woody Brown
Ozzie700 was written on May 26, 2002

Woody is wonderful, but...

they really skimp on the nudity here. The first sex scene is hot (because of Woody's energy and frenzy), and the second isn't bad, but the views of his ass are very brief.

MK88 was written on February 21, 2000


Well if it was any other actor i would have given it 2 or 3 but Woody is just sooooo sexy!...He plays a little playboy in the movie hiding cameras in peoples houses and watching them have sex. So one day I guess his tension just got a little to much for him so he grabs his wife, pulls her into the house takes her dress off (revealing her in bra and underwear), flings his shirt off and we start the orgasm scene. We see a slight continuity problem when they end up on the bed and he's in his underwear after only being in his pants. He looks breathtaking in his underwear so he starts to have sex with his wife pulling her clothes off and he pulls his off too but we don't see him, we then see a moving shot from the end of the bed as we see his butt as he's pumping her in the missionary position, then we see his butt from the side as he's giving it to her backward. They are two shots that up close and reveal his pubes as he pumps her. Then we see his butt again later as his wife is caressing his butt. Too bad that they didn't show more of him. He was only in 2 scenes and he wanted to have sex with his neighbor so too bad they didn't hook up because she liked him. So they had a perfect waste when they only showed him twice in the movie. He is breathtaking and u can see a frontal in Secret Games 3, his butt in The Accused, and in the Rain Killer. I hope to see more of his ass in the future.

Ozzie700 was written on May 28, 2002

R version

I forgot to mention that I saw the R version, so the unedited version (if there's an unedited version) may have more.

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