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Agedahl, Berit 1 Review

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Danièle Vlaminck
Immy was written on February 12, 2009

See-thru topless (0:23)

Although this is just a see-thru it's worth noting. Danièle plays Christina Lindberg's mother and we see her sitting up in bed wearing a completely sheer nightie in which her breasts are clearly visible. She has another scene later on wearing the same thing but it's not as good as this one.

Christina Lindberg
Immy was written on February 12, 2009


Whew, where to begin! When you portray a teen nymphomaniac it's pretty much a given you'll spend a good amount time unclothed. What's amazing is that despite her considerable nude scenes, a 30-minute stretch goes by where she remains clothed. The first third of the film introduces us to her situation, literally picking up strangers and boffing or blowing them. Highlights early on include a guy she picks up and balls in a friend's apartment (0:14, brief topless) then sitting in bed crying about it (0:16, nude). A jaw-dropper comes when she does a sexy striptease in front of party guests in her home as her aghast parents watch nearby (0:21, nude). Afterwards before she goes to bed she looks at herself nude in her bedroom mirror (0:26, nude)and then plays with herself in bed (all we see in her hand very busy under the blankets). She has another quick encounter with a random guy (0:34, she rips off her own panties!) but tries to cure her addiction with the help of student Stellan Skarsgård. Thinking she's frustrated because she's never had an orgasm, she buys a vibrator and uses it on herself in bed (1:05, nude). She gives up and instead has a relapse with a bunch of junkies in a warehouse (1:08, topless, kinda dark). The next day when the cops bust in she's still topless in just panties (1:10). Social worker Berit Agedahl takes her in but can't help succumbing to Christina's charms (1:13, topless undoing her blouse) and then afterwards they shower together (1:17, topless, implied nude). If all this wasn't enough, she ends up working in a live nude show as a random background girl (1:18, nude onstage and FF walking around backstage in an open robe with lots of other nude or semi-nude babes, wow!). She's finally found happiness now so she consummates her relationship with Stellan (1:25, nude in bed). Her body is sublime but the story at its core is kinda sad.

Berit Agedahl
Immy was written on February 12, 2009


Berit plays a social worker who is moved (and aroused) by teen nympho Christina Lindberg's plight. She invites her to stay with her and they immediately get cozy (1:15, sort of breasts in bed but it's pretty dark). Their subsequent playful shower together is a brief but much better look at her body (1:17, topless but it's implied they're both nude). While Berit's nice to look at, Christina's buxom figure dominates the scene.

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