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Anna Friel's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2013 Look of Love, The 1 Review
2008 Bathory 1 Review
2006 Niagara Motel 2 Reviews
2003 Watermelon 2 Reviews
2001 War Bride, The 2 Reviews
2001 Me Without You 4 Reviews
2000 Sunset Strip 1 Review
1999 Rogue Trader 5 Reviews
1999 Midsummer Night's Dream, A 1 Review
1998 Tribe, The 5 Reviews
1998 Stringer, The 1 Review

Anna Friel's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2006 The Street 1 Review

nudity reviews for Anna Friel member submitted

The Street (2006)
Ghostwords was written on July 19, 2009

Episode 3.2: Shower (2009)

Early in the episode, Anna Friel's taking a shower when the heater fails; as she hurries to turn the water off, we have a momentary view of both breasts. Later, she's surprised by a plumber in that same shower and quickly covers herself with a towel; we see most of the side of her left breast and her naked back down as far as the top of her butt. This is followed by a brief sex scene with the guy, but nothing is shown.

Look of Love, The (2013)
Ghostwords was written on April 30, 2013

Keeping it in the family

Ms Friel plays Jean Raymond, wife of the movie's central protagonist, real-life erotica impresario Paul Raymond. Early in the movie, she has to step in and take part in one of his shows, although she refuses to go topless (and later fights an unsuccessful libel claim against a newspaper which said she was nude, stating she wore a g-string). There is the vaguest hint of right nipple, but it's probably a shadow from the tassel on her body stocking. The scene's in black & white, to indicate it's back in the 1950s.

Later, circa 01:15:00, Jean is at her daughter's wedding. Her gown is quite sheer and there's possible pokie action.

About two minutes later, Ms Friel finally comes through with the goods. When her (now ex-) husband told her at the wedding that she looked very attractive, Jean responded by asking if she was sexy enough to appear on the cover of his 'top shelf' magazine Men Only. Now we see her posing, at first hunched forward (right side nudity, including partial butt and right breast, the latter swaying slightly), then in a bath (plenty of foam, but both breasts fully in shot). Straight afterwards, Raymond and his editor are shown looking through a copy of the issue, with brief glimpses of the pictorial.

Bathory (2008)
georgelloyd1 was written on November 7, 2012

Historic hottie

Anna Friel continues to share her body with the world in this mediaeval romp, filmed around the time she agreed to get her kit off on stage for Breakfast At Tiffanys. There are various scenes: rear nudity (stopping halfway down her bum) when she poses naked for an artist; showing us her breasts when she sits up in bed; breasts again as she relaxes in a bath of blood; showing left and right side nudity as a guy lifts her onto a slab (she is so elfin!), then her breasts as she lies back and hallucinates.

Niagara Motel (2006)
ff was written on March 17, 2006

breast flash

while playing pool Anna briefly lifts her shirt and we see a breasts for a few seconds. Later on the film when the social worker wakes her up she awake nude but she is covered by a blanket. But if you use the freeze frame button you can see an areola in exactly one frame. I was disappointed that Caroline Dhavernas did not do any nudity in this film considering she is playing a porn star but Anna will do.

ff was written on March 21, 2006

In addition to the breasts flash

There is an earlier scene where she is walking around in panties that cuts at the bottom giving us great looks at her butt.

Watermelon (2003)
lattara was written on April 15, 2003

Boobs in the bath

A brief but fairly good look at Anna's pink-tipped breasts as she lies back in the bath and remembers splashing in the tub with her ex - longer peeks at her breasts from front and side in good light in the flashback.

georgelloyd1 was written on November 7, 2012


Anna Friel's cute little nipples poke up through the suds as she lies back in the bath. If she needs her back scrubbing, I'd be delighted to volunteer.

War Bride, The (2001)
Dante9703 was written on November 16, 2004

Partial breasts and full sidal

At about 35 minutes Anna is lying in a tin bath in the kitchen and we see her breasts bobbing on the surface of the water and hints of nipple. The nipples are difficult to see clearly as they are very similar in colour to the rest of the breast and are not sticking out much. She squeezes her breasts between her arms as she sponges herself and then somebody walks in on her. We then see her standing up in the bath and wrapping a towel around herself. We see her 3/4 side on and see everything but as it is from a distance it is not very clear.

Connard was written on February 23, 2001

Full Frontal reported from a reliable source on the internet. Sorry, that's all I know.

Me Without You (2001)
wonderwall was written on April 2, 2004

A few quick flashes of boobs.

(Scene 1, 14 mins) When in the bath with Michelle we see her breasts for quite a long time, but her nipples can’t really be seen all that well. (Scene 2, 39 mins) I would say this is the best scene, giving us a nice side view of Anna’s left breast for approximately 10 secs and a good clear 2 seconds flash of nipple. (Scene 3, 45 mins) Another quick flash of nipple, about 1 second long.

BMac was written on March 8, 2008

Worth checking out

Anna Friel offers several looks at her pretty breasts during this offbeat movie. As opposed to happy Hollywood female bonding movies, Friel plays a lying, conniving rhymes-with-hunt who undermines her best friend over the course of 20 years. She's also burdened with bottle blonde hair and new adventures in eyeshadow for most of the movie, although she gets sleeker later.

Of course, going topless opposite Michelle Williams is not necessarily a good career move for an actress. But Anna Friel does seem to have added some curves and plays a respectable second-fiddle to Williams. Anna Friel's boobs may only be 34 or 35B, but are somewhat bigger and better than the numbers.

Both women can be seen in a bath at 13:28-51, although the angle is not as good as you'd like. There's a short but good look at Anna's left booby at 37:28; again, Anna Friel is only a B-cup but bouncier than many and reasonably pretty. There's a clear view at 37:39 and a quick one about 46. Two-and-half-stars for Friel's boobs, but deduct a half because most views are brief.

Ryan was written on June 5, 2001

Partial topless in multiple scenes

Anna is topless in several scenes of this coming of age drama but there's never a real clear view. She takes a bath with her best friend (Michelle Williams) and both girls' breasts are visible, she has sex with a professor (Kyle MacLachlan), and flashes her breasts a couple other times. Cute enough girl but Michelle's the real reason to check out this movie.

lattara was written on November 26, 2001

Several toples scenes

I counted 4 brief topless moments in this film, which also sees Anna regularly in undies, night attire and on one occasion a very skimpy bikini. The first and longest is when she is sharing a bath with Michelle Williams - both girls' breasts cheekily break the surface of the water as they recline. There are two more exposures - little more than flashes - in two almost identical bed scenes with Kyle MaxLachlan, and a final blink and you'll miss it nip slip when she's dressed in lingerie. Anna seems to have gained a few more curves than in her earlier years and the effect is most pleasing.

Sunset Strip (2000)
cecil was written on August 7, 2006

changing tops

At about 28 minutes she's riding in a vehicle and decides to change tops. We see her left breast for less than a second.

Rogue Trader (1999)
dabs was written on June 29, 1999

Anna & Ewan MacGregor Get It On

Anna and Ewan make out on bed. She loses nice white bra and they roll about a bit. Several shots of nips. Tasty.Lots of long shots in this movie of Anna with short skirts on. Fine legs.

BMac was written on November 24, 2007

Briefly noted

Between 10:00 and 10:04, as Anna Friel rolls on a bed with Ewan McGregor, she takes off her white top to reveal her perky little boobies. Friel doesn't have much, 33-34B, but they're reasonably cute. But her exposure amounts to two seconds, so don't rent this for the nudity.

Chicago was written on May 7, 2002

1 brief scene

You're hard to catch much with Anna's 5 sec. scene which comes at :09.75. Shortly after marrying Ewan, the two are laughing and quickly getting undressed as Anna's bra comes off and there are a couple of sets of 5-7 frames of the left side of her breast, then 2 sec. of both breasts while lying on her back. BN = BRIEF nudity indeed.

georgelloyd1 was written on November 7, 2012


Newlyweds Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel (wearing her hair blonde for once) roll about on their bed. Friel's bra takes flight and we get a couple of peeks at her sweet little boobs.

babon was written on December 26, 1999

Ewan nude

Side view of nude evan, then at the bar exposing his ass

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1999)
Ghostwords was written on June 12, 2011

The morning after

Ms Friel and her three companions awaken, naked. Tall grass and flowers are deployed to hide any real nudity, but you see her left side, including her hip and a large section of her buttock. When they stand, she holds a dress in front of her, but there is a long shot from behind which shows the upper third of her butt.

Tribe, The (1998)
Ghostwords was written on October 28, 2005

Friel for real

Although she's admitted since that the nudity here is fairly gratuitous and that she'd rather not have let herself be talked into it, Ms Friel has still left us with some top-notch nakedness: a long shot of her in a communal shower, close-up full frontal action and a topless seduction in a restaurant storeroom. Priceless.

lattara was written on January 27, 2001

Anna from every angle

Anna plays a member of a cult who are very keen on sharing everything :-) Two fine scenes. In the first a straight-laced potential new recruit (Northam) ends up naked in bed with another guy (Rhys-Meyers). In walks Anna wearing only a t-shirt which she peels off to reveal her naked bod. She climbs astride the new initiate and shows off her small firm breasts, peachy behind and trim brown bush in the process and then climbs off and on again, each time giving us an unashamed view. When the threesome's over the camera lingers on Anna's naked form as she lies first face down (oh that bottom!) and then on her side (oh all the other bits!). The scene is well lit and lasts over 3 minutes. In the second appearance Anna shucks off her dress - obviously the cult forbids underwear :-) - and makes love with Northam's character on a storeroom floor revealing those perky breasts again. Recommended for all, especially those who like delicate English blooms.

[email protected] was written on January 11, 1999

Threesome scene

This is great for anna Friel fans who want a glimpse of her. full frontal nudity as she mounts a guy-very nice!!! She rides him and dismounts, nice view of open legs. Another scene topless later in movie too. Worth a look. I've still got it on video!

RichT was written on November 19, 2001

First review I add to the database, and I f*cked up !!!

Sorry folks, but I accidentally added my review for Anna Friel under the wrong section !!! For some strange reason I added her review under "Jonothan Rhys-Meyers" as listed below. Please forgive me, cos this was my VERY FIRST database entry, and I was still learning. I have worked with computers and systems for 16 years, and I still don't know how to use them properly ! Anyway, please see my FULL review of Anna in the next section, as it is a 4 star rating not just 1

sirspread was written on January 7, 2003


a must for anna fans as she is shown here in all her glory revealing perhaps the finest body in showbusiness

Stringer, The (1998)
lattara was written on July 4, 2004

Brief & Distant

Near the end of this Russian-set movie, Anna has a sex scene with the main protagonist. It's shot in fairly long-shot in reasonable light. At first, Anna is on top with her back to the camera and her buttocks are in clear view. The couple then roll over so they are side on to the camera with Anna beneath. Her breasts can just be seen but they are mainly obscured by her partner.

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