Anna Karenina's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McCrory, Helen 1 Review

Anna Karenina's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

McKidd, Kevin 1 Review
Henshall, Douglas 1 Review
Bean, Sean 1 Review

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Helen McCrory
Maxijan was written on January 5, 2002

Topless and more in first episode

Glimpses of breasts, and perhaps even bush in first episode of this excellent British mini.

Kevin McKidd
GDH was written on July 10, 2001

Blink and you'll miss it (if it's there at all...)

The very blond McKidd is handsome in a pale sort of way. In the first episode he shares two sex scenes with Helen McCrory. We definitely see his bare hip, and may get a glimpse of his backside - although the fast-paced 'rock video' editing means you have to be quick to catch it! Plus he leaves his shirt on, which always seems a bit seedy to me...

Douglas Henshall
GDH was written on July 9, 2001


I've never understood what people find physically attractive about Henshall, but he does have his fans, so here goes: in the first episode of this British adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel, a naked Henshall is viewed from behind doing pull-ups. The scene is filmed through a partially-frosted window, so it's not the clearest of views. Later in the same episode he sits up in bed and we get a partial view of his bum.

Sean Bean
Ozzie700 was written on November 30, 2001


When Sophie Marceau is on the floor, wrapped in sheets, Sean joins her. He keeps the sheet over his privates (they almost look glued on - anything to keep that PG-13 rating). You get to see a side shot of his beautiful skin as he moves to the floor, and the outline of his lovely buttocks. He's a handsome, sexy man and I wish the movie had a higher rating so he could've shown more.

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