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year title
1969 Justine 1 Review
1968 Magus, The 2 Reviews
1964 Circle of Love 1 Review

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Justine (1969)
Immy was written on September 23, 2006

Right nipple (0:13)

Anna is messing around in bed with Michael York. When he opens her robe to draw on her belly her right nip sees the light of day a couple of times. Actually Michael shows more skin in this scene than she does.

Magus, The (1968)
sonicinmobius was written on April 11, 2006

Breasts, and possible muff shot

You briefly see her (small) breasts as she takes off her bra in preparation for skinny dipping. I would just like to add, though, that if you frame-by-frame through the scene you see a little bit of her bush as she has sex with some guy. Unfortunately you can only buy it on a low-quality bootlet DVD, so it's not very clear. But it's pretty obviously there.

tazzie was written on September 18, 1999

skinny dipping

Anna and Michael Caine run to a pond to have aswim. First we see Anna remove her clothes andstanding in her underwear, the she takes off herbra before diving into the water. It would appearthat she doesn't sunbathe topless.

Circle of Love (1964)
ff was written on March 23, 2006


Anna plays a sexy maid and in a flashback scene her master spies on her as she takes a bath. You see her butt however the scene was shot through a foggy glass so the view is blurry.

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