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2006 Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead 2 Reviews

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Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006)
Stevarooni was written on August 21, 2012

Lesbian group nudity and a duet

Half a minute past the 27-minute point, the members of C.L.A.M. take off their tops and kneel in front of the bed upon which Kate and Allyson lay together. They grope each other lightly, and generally continue to act as slow-paced backup dancers for the duet between Kate and Jason Yachanin. Anna is the somewhat heavy-set with long red hair. Her breasts are large, natural and plump. Very clear views of Anna's breasts. Two and a half minute of a bizarre duet and vivid nudity.

Stevarooni was written on August 21, 2012

What a distraction!

At around 1:11, During a mass cannibalism scene in the chicken restaurant, one of the Chicken-zombies attacks Anna and claws off her shirt. As she screams, he notices her breasts and is mesmerized by the pendulous motion. She notices that he stopped attacking and starts to dance for him, holding her arms up above her chest. Fifteen seconds of her plump breasts waving around on-screen in good lighting without much to obscure the view.

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