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Sally Kirkland
Cyclone was written on May 18, 2001

In the tub

We're treated to a good look at Sally's breasts while she's in the bathtub. The shots must add up to at least half a minute, and she still looks quite good. Not a bad scene.

bilfic was written on September 25, 1999

Good bathtub scene

There is a very nice view of Sally's wet and very ample breasts while she is sitting in a bathtub. Considering that she was about 45 years old at the time, displaying her body took some courage on Sally's part.

nudity_elitist was written on July 27, 2002

youthful boobs on a not-so-youthful lady

If you are into middle-aged dames this scene is for you. Sally appears nude from the belly up in a tub. The view is relatively close-up, well lit and lasts quite a while. Sally herself is a bit on in age and not exactly beautiful to begin with, but her rack is far more than satisfactory for a woman her age. It's a one-star performance if I have ever seen one.

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