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1997 Lakes, The 1 Review

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2004 Shameless (UK) 4 Reviews
1998 Big Women 3 Reviews

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Shameless (UK) (2004)
mcfuck was written on March 12, 2011

Voluptuous nudity

This gritty but sexy actress goes naked in front of a mirror while exploring her body.
We see her lovely tits and get a flash of her furry cup as she drops her dressing gown and opens it.
Definitely stirs the loins.

presuminged was written on January 10, 2011

Naked in mirror

The actresses in Shameless do like to get their clothes off and top marks to them for doing it.
Anabelle is a sexy actress and has been on our screens in all sorts of good TV and film over the years.
Here in Shameless she stands with her gown on and studies her body in the full legnth mirror, showing a curvy, early-middle aged body, and delectable bush. Her bum is glorious.

AceOfClubs was written on June 15, 2009

Mature Full Nudity

It's been a decade since Annabelle's very memorable completely nude scene in "Big Women" and I thought that was all we'd ever get from her until in the most recent season of "Shameless" we get a pleasant surprise from the now 45 year old actress. Annabelle is seen standing in front of a full length mirror wearing a robe, then first revealing her left breast, then right breast and thigh, followed by a quick but stunning full frontal, and finally surprisingly turning to give a decent look at her succulent buttocks before she exclaims "I'm fucking gorgeous"! I'd tend to least from the neck down. Annabelle's bush is cropped neatly in this scene as opposed to the wild jungle of hair in "Big Women", her breasts look fuller, as does her smooth belly, and she's still got that big ol' wobbly bum to make your mouth water. Although the nudity is brief (it lasts as long as you want with freeze frame), I still give the scene four stars because it's so rare to see so much skin from a matronly woman in mainstream tv and cinema, and because I'm so sick and tired of the male nudity on this stupid show.

spanishirish was written on August 28, 2012

Sexier here even older than in Big Women

Anabelle is not a conventional beauty but she is sexy and scintillating. She has a plumpish, voluptuous body and stands looking at herself in a mirror and reveals everything. We see it all. A great scene and very brave.

Big Women (1998)
Couthon was written on August 24, 2007

fully nude dancing

Annabelle plays a writer establishing a feminist publishing house in the 1970s. Her 35 year old body is plump,stocky, and pale. She strips naked and begins dancing round a room with her feminist friends. Excellent views of her full pert 34B breasts and small red nipples, which have become wrinkled and erect in the cold. Annabelle doesn't shave her body hair, and we get great views of her brown luscious armpit hair, and her thick rampant bush of dark brown pubic hair sprouting from her genitals. As she goes to turn off the record player we also see her fleshy buttocks wobbling.

lattara was written on January 27, 2001

Dirty Dancing

Another one of the naked dancers. We glimpse Annabelle fully naked during the dance but only really get a good look at her breasts

spanishirish was written on August 28, 2012

Lesbians dancing

Anabelle- who also goes fully nude in an episode of Shameless almost a decade after this- is about mid 30s here, plumpish and pale but sexy nonetheless. She is naked dancing with the other actresses in this scene. You see everything but it's her fleshy fatty bottom that's the best, wobbling away as she walks to turn music off.

Lakes, The (1997)
Couthon was written on August 24, 2007

naked torso in bath

34 year old brunette Annabelle has a stocky muscular body, with pale skin. Here we see her naked torso in a bubble bath, with frequent glimpses of her full, plump breasts and ample rose pink areola and fleshy nipples. We then see torso and right breast again as she cleans the bath.

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