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Anne Archer's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
1993 Short Cuts 7 Reviews
1993 Body of Evidence 6 Reviews
1992 Nails 1 Review
1976 Lifeguard 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Anne Archer member submitted

Short Cuts (1993)
[email protected] was written on April 29, 2002

1:51(second tape)-she goes into the bathroom and, before sitting on the side of the tub, lifts up her blouse showing the side of her ass.

Not worth mentioning in my opinion, but for butt-scene lovers this might be worth a star.

BiBoySTL was written on December 8, 1999

You remembered correctly

She was about to fool around with her husband when she runs to the bathroom to run water on her feet, when she hikes her skirt up and you see the side of her ass. Big deal.

Senator was written on July 18, 2001

a little butt

she hikes up her skirt a little... yea... sigh

TriviaMan was written on June 23, 2005

Sitting on Tub

I've never seen anyone else comment on this but I think the point of the scene was that she was peeing in the bathtub. She turns the water on after she finishes but she isn't washing herself because she is facing in the other direction. Knowing director Robert Altman he was trying to see if he could get away with it.

rovingeye was written on November 19, 1999


If I remember correctly, Ann hikes up her nightie to sit on the rail of a bathtub, and the side of her ass is visible. Skip it...

nudity_elitist was written on June 11, 2002

get a life

I wish there was an option on this site where I could erase an actress from a movie. Case in point.

cindy was written on July 23, 2000

Anne hikes up her night tie to sit on the rail of the bathtub!

SHE is my favorite for all time so I would want to see her at least!

Body of Evidence (1993)
soulman was written on July 6, 2001


While it would have been nice to see some nudity from Archer all we get is what is obviously a body double. You don't the face and body in the same shot (the #1 law in film nudity)

Fingon was written on April 8, 1999

body double

sorry folks, but I am completely sure that it is not Anne Archer, it's a body double. You never can see her face and goodies at the same time, and old technique to let as believe we are seeing a famous actress naked.

Doggone was written on January 15, 1999

Video for her lover

Madonna's lawyer watches a video tape of Anne Archer rolling on the bed for her lover. She suprisingly has a gorgeous body. There are very clear shots of her butt, and more brief shots of her breasts. If you have your pause button handy, you can get a shot of her pussy as she gets up off the bed. Very nice.

beefcake was written on August 24, 2000

not Archer

Any idiot could tell that this is not Anne Archer. You can clearly tell that it is not her because her face was never shown, and the body double's hair looked different. What do they think? That we are morons or something?

BushLeague was written on July 13, 2003

Ambiguous body double

There are shots where you see the person's face, breasts, and ass in the same shot , but the hair obscures the face. The nose looks highly similar to Anne's, but the person doing the nudity obviously had her hair done to obscure the face. Nice hot butt, breasts, and brief bush.

sirspread was written on February 22, 2004


who cares that its a body double the body is pretty ok although we dont see enough of it

Nails (1992)
Striker was written on September 19, 1999

lovemaking scene

Very obviously a body double - pity!

Lifeguard (1976)
Cyclone was written on November 20, 2000

BRIEF nipple exposure

During a sex scene, we can briefly make out Anne's nipple. Unfortunately, that's all we see, and to make matters worse, the scene is fairly dark, too. Completely forgettable.

Striker was written on July 1, 1999

lovemaking scene

Brief but unambiguous nipple exposure during lovemaking scene with Sam Elliot

LAKAY was written on July 24, 2000

Love making scene

Review on the love making scene with nipple exposure with Sam Elliot

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