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Stacey (1973)
Know-it-all was written on February 10, 2001

Paving the way for Hope Carlton, and Roberta Vasquez, and...

Former Playmate Anne Randal has, (as I remember it), one really good scene in this, the first of the Andy Sidaris Playmates-in-law-enforcement films. She drives a race car around the track, and after going to her dressing room, as the title song blares on the soundtrack, unzips the front of the racing coveralls, and whips them open to show her nice breasts. Cheesy, but still pretty hot.

Immy was written on December 15, 2001

Prime Early Playmate Material!

Three great topless scenes and a nice early example of Playmate nudity on film. Leave it to Andy Sidaris to maximize the beauty of 1967 Playmate Anne Randall. The film was remade by Sidaris himself in 1985 as Malibu Express and Anne's opening scene where she strips out of her racing suit (redone by 1982 Playmate Lynda Wiesmeier in 1985) is classic. He even pauses the shot so you can get a good look! Later on you see her topless again changing clothes at an old woman's mansion. Then the best scene: she has a roll in the hay with her buddy at a beach house and they lay there talking, a nice lingering topless shot. When she gets up to get dressed she gathers the blankets around her waist and for a second you think she might be totally nude, until a glimpse of white panties is seen. One other note is the total absence of bras from her wardrobe as well as a scene where she hides fully clothed in a running shower waiting for a killer. She then chases him across the beach in a soaked see-thru blouse. Awesome!

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