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2003 Mother, The 2 Reviews

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Mother, The (2003)
thefaceman32 was written on September 17, 2003

Well she has nice....eyes

Born 1935
Anne Reid, in the title role, has two sex scenes with a young carpenter in which she's naked, but largely concealed by fancy editing. During the first bedroom bout, they lie in bed and he diddles her to orgasm. Afterward, Anne she sits up and we see her naked boobs. The second scene features doggie-style banging, but is more skingy

Ghostwords was written on July 14, 2014

2014 Interview

“The night before I had a lot of drink on my own in the flat and I stripped and I stood in front of a mirror and thought, ‘Tomorrow I’m going to have to show this’.

“And I started to cry and I thought, ‘Oh my good God, I can’t do this’.

“I rang my son and I was weeping and he said, ‘Look Mum, it’s a great part, if you’re inhibited it’s not going to work so just go for it’.

“I sort of managed to pull myself together but it was scary.”

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