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Année des méduses, L''s Sexy Actresses

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Nielsen, Barbara 1 Review
Kaprisky, Valérie 3 Reviews
Cellier, Caroline 2 Reviews
Assenza, Betty 1 Review

nudity reviews for Année des méduses, L' member submitted

Barbara Nielsen
fargalaxy was written on July 5, 1999

good scences

several scences of breasts then nude scence

Valérie Kaprisky
Chuck was written on November 23, 1998

Hell, the whole movie

If you like beautiful beaches with beautiful women showing beautiful breasts, then this film is ecstasy. Valerie (and the stunning woman playing her mother) are topless virtually throughout this intense, erotic movie. Let us give thanks.

Condor was written on July 9, 1999

Great Nudity

This is a great film for nudity. Valerieis topless almost in all of the movie whule she is on the beach. but you get to see not only her tits!In thje first all nude scene sher is with an older guy in a room comletly naked talking to him while doing different stuff and sinaly watching TV you can see little of her muff but this scene is best for seeing her superb ass. another scene is when shes undressing completly on a boat great muff shots and everything else to. when the guy shes trying to seduce walks away from the boat (he must be an impotent!) she presses her body against the glass and yells at him. GREAT sceneshe got a body from heaven

fargalaxy was written on July 5, 1999

very good

several scenes of her breasts at beach then nude scene at boat

Caroline Cellier
jacksecret2000 was written on October 4, 2003

Several scenes topless on the beach; one topless bedroom scene

Caroline Cellier is a mature french actress who I would enjoy seeing naked, no matter how old she gets.

fargalaxy was written on July 5, 1999



Betty Assenza
fargalaxy was written on November 30, 2000



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