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2009 Follow The Prophet 1 Review

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Follow The Prophet (2009)
Dudester was written on May 4, 2010

Underage Bride

This film is a no holds barred look at polygamous cults and their use of underage girls as commodities-used as "secret brides" in return for favors-all in the name of religion. Fifteen year old Avery runs away from home to keep from being married to the nearly geriatric, but very lecherous "prophet". She runs, luckily, into the arms of a Special Forces Colonel who has to fight many levels of beauracracy to expose the cult. For purposes of this site, the nudity comes at thirty minutes into the flick when Avery sheds her Mormon undergarments and burns them in a fireplace. We get a minute's look at her bare backside and a couple of peeks at her very firm breasts.

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