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Another 48 HRS.'s Sexy Actors

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Kitten Natividad
Immy was written on November 30, 2004

Topless on movie theater screen

The unmistakable Kitten is an unforgettable image during a wild stunt. She's topless in panties and a garter belt mashing her famous boobs together on a movie theater screen (note the full audience!). But just as you react to her presence two bad guys on motorcycles crash thru the screen from behind (and right dead center in her awesome cleavage!). I've seen lots of Kitten but I don't think this is from any of her films, more likely it was made specifically for this movie as a kind of T&A treat. I approve!

Page Leong
Immy was written on November 30, 2004

Topless in bed

Page is a cute Asian who ends up in bed with one of the biker bad guys. She sits up when Eddie Murphy knocks on the door and the sheet slips off to reveal her very nice small boobs. The guy she's with is really scummy so there's nothing erotic about the scene. Of note also is a large tattoo (a snake or dragon, hard to tell) above her left breast.

David Anthony Marshall
Derek was written on February 5, 1999

Putting on clothes

Very briefly see Marshall's ass as he puts on his pants. Brief but nice.

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