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Karen Witter
RichT was written on November 23, 2001

Nude stroll to the bathroom

After a night of naughtiness with the VERY lucky Bruce Greenwood (personally I got "hardwood" !!), KW jumps out of bed, TOTALLY NAKED, and runs to the bathroom. She is just soooo cute, and she has an amazing body. You see everything, but only the briefest flash of her cute furry bush. The scene would have deserved 5 stars if she had only shown us more of her gorgeous bush .... oh well !!! (PS. She is an ex-playboy model, so hunt out some of her Playboy scenes to enjoy more of her bush)

Immy was written on December 1, 2004

March 1982 Playboy Playmate nude (0:43)

Yes, she gets out of bed nude but apart from her butt and a very, very brief flash of muff you don't see whole lot because she mostly stands against the door frame. You only glimpse one nip as she's sitting up and no nipples once she's walking. Amazing how much she really doesn't show. A killer bod nevertheless!

Barbara Edwards
Immy was written on December 1, 2004

September 1983 Playboy Playmate topless (0:37)

The luscious Ms. Edwards is perfectly cast as a teasing distraction for the male lead. She corners him in his trailer on a movie set, bending over in her short skirt providing a great semi-moon shot. Then she drops her top revealing her scrumptious globes. Too brief for four stars but mmm-hmmm! Lingerie fans will like her angelic vision in the opening credits in a high-thigh-cut semi-see-thru teddy.

Vanessa Angel
punkguy was written on May 22, 1999


only three stars because it's her. basically she is in some kind of hot tub and you briefly view her nipples. probably not worth renting unless you really love this chick as the movie totally sucks ass.

Immy was written on December 1, 2004

Additional close call (0:32)

In addition to the hot tub scene you allllmost get a look at Vanessa's boobs in profile as she's making out by the fire but it's dark and the guy's arm gets in the way. If her nipples had been hard you'd see more but no such luck. Very pretty girl all around.

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