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Stephens, Darryl 1 Review
Norton, Graham 1 Review
Morris, Mitch 2 Reviews
Hatch, Richard 1 Review
Getzlaff, James 1 Review
Gabrych, Andersen 1 Review
Eisenbrey, Eric 1 Review
Chase, Jonathan 1 Review
Carbonaro, Michael 1 Review
Blechman, Jonah 1 Review

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Darryl Stephens
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006


Darryl is one fine man. It's nice to see a truly hot black man get some decent screen time in a gay flick like this. He plays a fitness instructor/stripper and it seems for the longest time that he may end up hooking up with the hot nerdy Griff character. But in the end (no pun intended), Darryl ends up as one third of a very hot threesome with both Michael Carbonaro (the cute every-gay-man) and James Getzlaff. We see Darryl's unbelievably hot bubble ass as he moves in behind Carbonaro (whose ass we also see) currently getting it up the ass for the first time from Getzlaff - Darryl enters Carbonaro from behind, giving the boy two cocks at once inspiring the perfect line, 'Eat your heart out, Queer As Folk.' Man, what a way to lose it - two hot cocks at once. Of course we don't see the hard cocks or actual penetration, but our imaginations more than suffice. Darryl's hot body is something to behold - let's hope he gives us the full monty one day.

Graham Norton
Hamm_Sodomy was written on August 28, 2006

real bum plus fake nudity

A gay student fantasizes about having sex with his teacher. Graham plays the teacher who strips off his pants, revealing his butt and imitates topness. Later, he is in leather/SM gear where he has a fake penis and fake set of strangled testicles.

Mitch Morris
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006


This guy is so unbelievably beautiful, it's funny that he's cast as the nerd for even a little while. Mitch used to be on Queer As Folk, so clearly he has no problem courting gay fans, even invites us to enjoy looking at his nude butt, which he shows off often during this hilarious soon-to-be gay classic. Mitch's character has insecurities about the quality of his butt. One scene, he stands on his with his underwear down showing off his naked ass for us as he stares at it in the mirror. He ain't got nothing to be ashamed of. There are several more butt scenes, especially the climactic scene when he finally hooks up with Jonathan Chase and the two straight actors completely nude take turns fucking each other up the ass (for the first time, and of course this not being a porno, we only see the naked sides of their asses, but still I was satisfied.) Lots of butt nudity from this hottie - would love to see more one day.

Guiseppe was written on June 18, 2007

A Beautiful Bubble Butt

Mitch has a beautiful butt. His character played is a nerdy self-conscious closet queer of some sorts. When he decided to glance at his ass in the mirror during one beautiful scene, he half spreads his cheeks and ogles at the reflection of his bubble butt. Thinking it isn't satisfying, he turns away displeased. Man is he wrong. His butt is one so beautiful I wish we had a few more lingering seconds.

Richard Hatch
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006

Full monty

Yes, we finally get to see the infamous Richard Hatch of blurry nude Survivor fame in all his glory. He has a very funny sequence with Jonah Blechman's character in which he appears completely nude the entire time, but we only see the sides of his big bear ass until the end of the sequence, when tired of waiting for Blechman to come out of the bathroom, stands up from the bed and gives the camera in big close-up a full frontal. If you've been waiting to see this guy nude without the blurred out editing on TV, this is the movie for you.

James Getzlaff
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006

Decent bootie from reality TV star

James is classic handsome - I remember him fondly from the 'Boy Meets Boy' series. He stars as the love interest of Jonathan Chase in this movie, and we get to see James' ass near the big finale when he almost does it with the young hottie. You can tell that James enjoys kissing the young straight actor as he seems to relish every kiss. We see his ass rolling around on the bed with Jonathan. And later we see his ass again when he strips down, along with Darryl Stephens (we also see his ass in this scene), in front of Michael Carbonaro, in advance of the excruciatingly hot threesome scene.

Andersen Gabrych
Hamm_Sodomy was written on August 29, 2006

butt in horseyback position

If I remember correctly, the viewer can see his butt when he's on hands and knees asking to be "barebacked." The main character then vomits on him. This is both tired gross-out humor and a tacit way to promote safer sex. His butt is hairless. Like the other actors, he's very young and meant to be loved by viewers that love young males.

Eric Eisenbrey
dvdcollector was written on January 26, 2007

Butt seen having sex in public toilet

Plays a boy scout who has fellatio performed on him in a public toilet. Butt is visible for a few seconds - fairly handsome young man.

Jonathan Chase
Mattg was written on August 6, 2006

Very hot young newcomer

Jonathan plays the gay jock of the four gay young leads, and man he is fine. Lots of shirtless scenes, etc. Early in the flick, he tries a electric penis-enlarger machine which ends up frying his dick in one hilarious scene. Of course, we get a hilarious shot of his fried, elongated dick - clearly a prosthetic - in this scene. Later, Jonathan shows a lot of his butt, during an aborted love scene with James Getzlaff, and then later when he finally loses his cherry with Griff, the hot nerd who looks like a model when he takes off his glasses. The two of them go at it, fucking each other up the ass and we see lovely, side shots of his ass as he gives and receives. There was something incredibly hot about seeing this young hottie take it all off for such graphic gay sex scenes - and of course do it with another straight actor like Mitch Morris. Yum.

Michael Carbonaro
Hamm_Sodomy was written on August 29, 2006

teen butt

This is the guy who is quiche-covered on the film's poster. His bare butt is seen in a few scenes. Once, he has a gerbil in a tube in his butt. Later, he's on a sling that he thinks is an "indoor hammock." If you like boy-next-door teens, you may want to see him.

Jonah Blechman
dvdcollector was written on January 26, 2007

Side nudity only

Since someone added his name, I'll provide a quick review. He plays the effeminate gay man in this film, but is seen nude only from the side in a few scenes, including sitting on a toilet and having sex toward the end of the film.

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