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Nick Moran
Christoph was written on December 1, 2007

Brief buns shot

Cute Nick Moran plays a shy husband who drops his pajama bottoms in front of his wife and covers his front with a newspaper. Very fleeting glimpse of bare buns.

Ioan Gruffudd
KingLumberjack was written on October 29, 2006

great sex scene!!

There are a number of short sex scenes throughout the movie but the first one is definitely the best (and longest!). Our dear Ioan has a very VERY nice body and there?s a great pan over his naked butt towards his back. Just check out those cute butt-dimples *smile*

Christoph was written on December 1, 2007

Rear in sex scene

Ioan shows his great rear in a sex scene, but the exposure is so brief that I cannot possibly give it more than ** stars.

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