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Wuest, Susanne 3 Reviews
Morze, Petra 5 Reviews

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Patton, Andreas 2 Reviews
Kiendl, Andreas 2 Reviews
Cubic, Dennis 2 Reviews

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Susanne Wuest
mcjw2011 was written on November 10, 2005

Ass and breasts

While Wuest is somewhat prettier than Petra, she doesn't show as much. Plus, she looks pretty skanky (think Catherine Sutherland meets Courtney Love). You get to see her ass as she's putting her legs up in the air as her boyfriend comes in from the bathroom, and then a good view of her tiny tits as she wants to have sex with her boyfriend (he's too tired to do so, after sleeping with another woman).

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

in bed

Small tits, kinda skinny for my taste, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed!

scanman was written on July 27, 2005

2 short nudescenes in the second half of the movie!

Susanne has two nudescenes in the second part of the movie. First she is seen pushing her legs up in the air, giving us a great view. Next the guy is kissing her naked body, giving us some more good views. The second scene shows Susanne topless. She wants to have sex but the guy doesn't want to. Although the scenes are short, Susanne and her A-cup breasts look pretty good!

Petra Morze
thefaceman32 was written on September 2, 2005

Oral, Masturbation

(0:01) Snapshots of a naked Petra Morze. We see breasts in one of the pictures, and a spread-eagled bush in another. (0:13) Full-frontal from Petra as she has hote-room sex. This scene includes an actual blow job. (0:25) More full-frontal from Petra in the hotel, this time as she's fondled while blindfolded. (0:28) Petra again, butt naked. This time she's having her box eaten as she stands in the shower and a hotel waiter peeps in. (0:30) Even more of Petra as she rides her man in bed. This scene is where the earlier snapshots come form. She does full-frontal as her fella has her masturbate. (0:32) One more small dose of Petra's goods as she takes another well-earned shower. (0:57) Susanne Wuest gives some full-frontal and some long looks at the ass as she does some gymnastics. (0:65) Bare boobs from Susanne W. in bed.
-credit mrskin

Kimiwebber was written on December 13, 2012

Great sex scenes

Petra is not the most attractive woman in the world. But the sex scenes are beautifully filmed and look realistic.

Scene 1 - Petra and the guy strip each other till both ate completely naked. His flaccid cock is visible. He then tries to kiss her and touches her boob. You can see onset of erection in his cock. She then makes him lie down on the bed and kisses his cock. Then she gives him a blow job but it is not shown clearly. She then forces him on the floor and impliedly looks for his cock and puts it in her pussy. He then lifts her and puts her on the bed and fucks her with hard strokes while pressing her boobs.

Scene 2 - He blindfolds her and makes her naked. Then he mounts her and bangs her hard with both of them panting heavily.

Scene 3 - She in in shower with the guy and a waiter enters the room without the guy noticing. She asks the guy to lick her pussy and opens the bath cover to allow the waiter to see her standing naked with the guy licking her pussy.

Scene 4 - The guy puts his finger in her mouth and make her suck it. Later she rides him naked and makes him climax. She then tells him "I have never fucked like this before. Do whatever you want with me. " He asks her to spread her legs and takes pictures of her pussy though nothing is shown on the screen. He then asks her to finger her pussy to which she refuses. He takes her hand and puts it over her pussy. Then she starts to finger herself and he again takes her pictures. Throughout the scene, her pussy is not shown. Later she strokes his flaccid cock and takes its pictures.

Scene 5 - Petra is naked and blindfolded and the guy is fucking her doggy style. A waitress enters the room without her knowledge. He then takes off her blindfold and she realizes the presence of waitress. He continues to fuck her and she starts at the waitress who is watching the live sex show

mcjw2011 was written on November 10, 2005

Shows everything in this movie

Petra plays a married nurse who has a fling with a doctor staying in a hotel. Pretty much every nude scene she has is adequately described in the previous reviews, with medium to close-up shots of her breasts, bush, or both. She's not particularly attractive (she looks like an pudgy hybrid of Naomi Watts and Laura Dern), but she definitely has a nice body she's not afraid to show off. The only complaint I have is that there aren't much views of her ass...

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

hotel room

Full frontal, saggy tits, stretch marks, wrinkles around nipples - reality sex, not fantasy sex with Playboy body. Real BJ rocks.

scanman was written on July 27, 2005

Lot's of nudity and somewhat explicit sex

This is a great movie for celeb nudity. Petra has a whole lot of nudescenes in the first half of the movie. There's a blowjob scene, several sex scenes, more oral sex scenes and finally there's a scene where Petra is holding the guy's penis to photograph it. Definately 4 stars!

Andreas Patton
mcjw2011 was written on November 10, 2005

Shows everything in this movie

Like Petra, Andreas Patton isn't afraid to strip for the camera (he plays the doctor who's banging the married nurse). The first scene is when they arrive in his hotel room, and he undresses Petra first, and then lets Petra undress him. You see his lengthening dick as she pulls down his boxer briefs, and they both kiss passionately. You get another view of Patton's erect dick as he sits on the bed and Petra starts to give him a blowjob (she licks and sucks on it), but he stops her and they get on the floor and just have coitus. And then after he climaxes (there's no cum shot), he withdraws, and you get to see his penis again. You get a nice shot of his pillowy ass as he screws Petra (again) on the bed. You get another shot of his nice dong (from a distant view) as he walks past Petra naked as she's talking to her daughter on the phone, and another shot of his ass as he's eating Petra out in the shower. And the last view of his dong is when Petra comes to him while he's in bed, takes his dick in her hand (you see part of the shaft and the entire cockhead) and takes a picture of it. He's not exactly a looker, but if Adrian Brody turns you on, Patton's scenes are worth checking out as well.

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

hotel room

Kinda skinny, bony guy. Nice sized dick.

Andreas Kiendl
mcjw2011 was written on November 10, 2005

Butt and genitals

Andreas plays the abusive husband in the third story of this Austrian indie. When he arrives at the house he is going to sell (he is a real estate agent, albeit a poor one), he showers and dresses before the perspective clients come in (apparently for every apartment he sells). When his shower is ready, he takes off the shower and steps in, with a side view of his genitals and a full view of his nice behind. You get an even better view of Kiendl's package as he is being wheeled into the morgue fully nude, later on in the movie.

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008


Quick dick view when he steps into the tub and then full rear view.

Dennis Cubic
mcjw2011 was written on November 10, 2005

Ass when he goes to bedroom

In the second story of this Austrian indie, Dennis Cubic plays a Yugoslavian emigrant who lives with his girlfriend, played by Suzanne Wiest. The only nude scene we see is when he's back at the apartment and gets out of the bathroom fully nude (but the light is dark, meaning we don't see anything). When he gets to the bedroom where Wiest is, you get a brief view of his ass (as well as a view of Wiest's ass too).

Bushyboy was written on January 1, 2008

in hallway

Full rear view as he walks down the hall.

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