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year title
2003 Womb Raider 0 Reviews
2002 Model Solution, The 3 Reviews
2002 Girl for Girl 2 Reviews
1998 Playboy's Girlfriends 1 Review
1800 Naked & Naughty 1 Review

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year title
2001 Thrills 3 Reviews

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Thrills (2001)
Chicago was written on September 20, 2001

3 scenes in "Occupations That Bite"

I'm not sure of the exact title but it starts off as "Occupations That Bite" and is about vampires. This little nymph apparently has only appeared in Playboy's Girlfriends as the last credited gal and then, BAM!, she's nearly full out here. Forget her verbal acting abilities and check out this gal's body...looks like a gymnast but with a fantastic chest, larger than her frame. At :01-:02.5, the guy unzips her thin black jumpsuit and gets busy with her natural looking (close enough if not) breasts and erect nipples...ass and top pubes also as they have standing sex and then with her on top. At :06.25-:07.5, she sexes the same dude--breasts and good thrusting. At :17.75-:20, a masked guy (turns out to be the same guy) drags her into the wall and starts sexing her...great breast views as he does a lot of squeezing (this scene made me question if they were real), then she jumps up on him, wraps and thrusts...side ass too. I don't look to listen to her talk, but she's a looker during sex scenes.

xxzz was written on May 7, 2007

Playboy Model

Drop-dead goregous petite blonde Antoinette Abbott has a sculptured body with big tits. Although never a Playmate, she performs in numerous Playboy videos. In the cable TV program Thrills (a softcore bordering on explicit erotic grope fest), Ms. Abbott has three titlilating. In each one she is stripped from her clothing and sexed beyond delight. Her costar finds her tight body so irrsistible that his hands are constantly all over her boobs. Mr.Skin states that her tits are natural, and there is not shortage in seeing her tits bounce and protrude from her lover's hands as he forcably squeezes those large-sized tits.

moviestuff was written on July 24, 2003


that's all i can say

Womb Raider (2003)
Model Solution, The (2002)
BushLeague was written on January 24, 2003

Modelling "jewelry"

Very cute skinny blonde with blonde pubic hair and very slim waist and skinny thighs. She has a slight bit of sagitude in the chest region (32a's) and a firm heart shaped butt. I call her Tina, because the photographer tells "Tina" to move and the girl who was later called "Kelsy" followed the instructions. "Antionette" shows her tits, ass, and puffy pussy lips while standing nude and shows her "W"'s of lips peeking from bottom of ass cheeks when she turns around. During the scene, all girls strip from bikinis to nude.

icebag2 was written on March 31, 2008

Nude modelling

She is nude in a photo shoot scene. She's the platinum blond who tends to be on the left side of the group. OK medium sized breasts, too bad she didn't get more screen time. Yes, we see her nude full frontal, but her thighs are shut tight and by the standards of this movie, that doesn't earn a fourth star.

Silverfish was written on May 10, 2002

posing for photos

she plays "tina," a beautiful blonde model in a pink bikini, posing for a photo shoot, along with a number of other models. once the "european" pictures are taken, she and the other models take off their tops.

Girl for Girl (2002)
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Lesbian scene and stripper in club

Wide shoulders and small tight, almost man-like buns. Does a lesbian scene while being filmed and then to a three-way with the cameraman. Later is a performer in a strip club. Shows thick bush, butt, hanging tits and brief pussy lips.

thefaceman32 was written on September 27, 2003

Full Frontal - Real Explicit scene

01:09:00 Antoinette shows it all in this nice little daydream sequence. Someone's evidently having a great, if somewhat distracted day...

01:11:00 It's "for real" in this scene, and Antoinette delivers the full-frontal goods again... That sure is a nice squeeze technique... Tune in Tokyo! Wow!

Playboy's Girlfriends (1998)
BuffaloBoy was written on August 6, 2002

In "Slumber Party"

Chapter 8 of the DVD, "Slumber Party", beginning at 0:49:21 and lasting 8:38. Stephanee LaFleur, Linda O'Neil, and Antoinette Abbott. First, they strip for each other before changing into lingerie, then they play strip poker and finish off with a pillow fight. Full nudity.

Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Patio Dancing, Stripping & the Water Hose - Normal, Everyday Stuff - Naked Again ...

Antoinette appears in a patio doorway dressed in a purple thong bikini - she dances, running her hands up & down her gorgeous body - and showing off her backside in the revealing thong. After a few minutes more of dancing, she pops off her top to reveal very real C-cups. She dances topless for a few more minutes and then slips off her thong - revealing her small patch of public hair - she dances in the doorframe for a few more minutes totally nude.

The video cuts away to a few other girls performing but returns later as she moves further in the backyard with a garden hose, lightly hosing off her breasts and dancing some more - a male still camera photographer accidentially gets into the shots (so maybe there is a print spread?).

Very nice and refreshing - of course, just a three-star since she's only topless/naked for only 7 minutes and who doesn't see a gorgeous girl dance naked in your patio doorframe everynight - old hat, right ... yawn ... :-)

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