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2013 Banshee 2 Reviews
2005 Outrageous Fortune 1 Review

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Banshee (2013)
flighty56789 was written on March 7, 2013

S1, Ep 4

Antony's being ridden by a woman who slaps him during rough sex, which gets him hot, so he flips her over and rams it a few times. Nice full view of his butt.

flighty56789 was written on February 15, 2013

Light on the butt

In the pilot, he is having sex with a woman in the backroom of a bar and you see some of his butt. Not a great shot. I'm sure he will have a lot better nude scenes in the future in this fun, sleazy show.

Outrageous Fortune (2005)
GDH was written on September 3, 2009


Episode: 'It cannot come to Good'. Starr, a good-looking bloke with a very hairy chest, is seen clambering naked out of bed, providing an aerial view of his backside as he does so.

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