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Any Given Sunday's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Berkley, Elizabeth 18 Reviews
Actress, Uncredited 0 Reviews

Any Given Sunday's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Foxx, Jamie 9 Reviews
Clark, John 4 Reviews

nudity reviews for Any Given Sunday member submitted

Elizabeth Berkley
HoundDog was written on December 22, 1999

before topless scene, butt

Ms. Berkley's still hot; her body looks better than in Showgirls. Nice shot of her in a shirt with her butt exposed. I don't know what it is about Berkley--corruption of that innocence on Saved By th Bell? But she has a great body and these eyes that look right through you.

Bootydaddy was written on July 25, 2001

pretty good

You get to see her small breasts when she has sex with Pacino, you get glimpses of her ass in a thong too. Not nearly as good as Showgirls, hence the 2 stars.

Senator was written on July 26, 2001

very short

incredibally short scene where her breasts are showing over the sheet after having sex... eh...

Gordon was written on June 7, 2000

Butt and breast

Elizabeth plays a callgirl who services Al Pacino's character. In one scene she is scantily clad and you can see much of her butt. In another, after having sex with Pacino she sits up and most of one of her breasts is exposed. Not nearly as much nudity as Showgirls, but she still has a hot body. Wish she would have shown it a little more in this flick.

luvdemboobs was written on March 21, 2001

in bed watching t.v after sex

you get a pretty good shot her her very firm breasts

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on June 27, 2003

nothing here

quick tit shot in bed after having sex with pacino

soulman was written on September 3, 2003

Brief Tits.

You get a brief shot of Berkley's tits during a bedroom scene with Al Pacino.

Omni was written on September 10, 2000

Everything everyone said, except the coochie part

I don't know what kinda bullshit he's trying to pull but there are no shots of her lips. She's wearing underwear and it's obvious.

StevieY was written on September 12, 2000

boobs and butt in a thong

Sexy Liz plays a hooker who sleeps with Al Pacino. Her breasts are seen very briefly, as well as her butt in a thong. A good football movie, too. It's good to see Liz's career getting back on track with her small part in this Oliver Stone movie as well as her recurring part on "NYPD Blue".

Khawaja30 was written on December 5, 2001

Party at LT's

Brief breast is shown at the party as LL Cool J snorts coke of (uncredited)'s breast. Quick scene, but breast is clear and full view.

McBoris was written on July 3, 2002

Breasts and Bum

I've heard that the British version of the film which I saw is different from the American version, with over half an hour of the sport action cut out and replaced by additional scenes because the British public wouldn't go see a film containing over an hour of American Football action which may explain why some of the reviewers were disappointed by the level of female nudity in the film.

Elizabeth Berkley takes her top of and you can clearly see her lovely breasts for around ten seconds. She then gets on the bed and bed over allowing the viewer to get a good glance at her lovely butt. The film then cuts to another scene but about two minutes later we see Elizabeth Berkley sitting topless on the bed talking to Al Pacino.

moviestuff was written on July 21, 2003

brief sex scene

2 stars for briefness

montyburns was written on January 16, 2001

Topless + Thong Shot

Elizabeth Berkley is topless with Pacino after a game and shows her superb backside, but after hours of debate and careful reviewing, there is clearly a light area over her crotch (indicating the special thong that actresses use so they don't show any real pubic areas) when she straddles Pacino. I didn't see any indication of pubic hair or definition that would be her labia.

axl was written on November 26, 2000

in bed with Al

After Pacino has sex with her she is sitting in bed and you see her tits...she is looking good

Bluetick was written on January 29, 2000

quick, relatively discreet sex scenes

Oliver Stone's savage new flick, Any Given Sunday, will be remembered as abrutal look at pro football. For our purposes, it is significant for showing that poor Elizabeth Berkley, much-maligned minx from Showgirls, can bounce backfrom adversity like any good, gritty teamplayer with heart. Liz plays a callgirl who attaches herself to hapless football coach Tony D'Amato (Al Pacino) as heagonizes over a sport that has spun out of his control.In the film's two and a half hours, Berkley probably has a total of two minutesscreentime. Her lovely bottom is exposed as she writhes around atop Pacinoin bottomless leisure-wear in their initial encounter. A later boudoir scenehas her sitting up in bed, lovely breasts haphazardly covered by asheet as she and the coach engage in apres-sex conversation.Berkley's body is more toned and natural-looking than it was in Showgirls andis obviously not the reason to go see an Oliver Stone movie. But it's nice tosee a comeback kid at work.

DCW3 was written on December 21, 1999

Topless in bed

After having sex with Al Pacino, she sits up in bed to watch TV. Her chest is partially obscured by a blanket she is holding, but her right breast is visible several times.

Hempy was written on December 28, 1999

Climbing in bed w/Al Pacino

Four stars if it would have been clearer, but not only does Elizabeth Berkley show off her fabulous butt, we get to see quite a large bit of pubic hair in between her legs.

toyzz was written on January 29, 2000

Breasts and Muff

You get a decent look at Elizabeth's breats and muff when she is climbing on top of Pacino. The camera shoots her behind so get a decent look at both of her lips (where I live we call them Tex for slang)

Uncredited Actress
Jamie Foxx
beowulf was written on October 15, 2001

Cameron Diaz oogles huge dicks, later many hugely muscled mens asses shown and long floppy dicks

Big muscular men are laughing it up about the game when in walks Cameron Diaz, she makes it a point to shake the hand of the completely nude, hugely muscled, uninhibited black man as his long, thick penis rests on his leg. Well lit,pretty long scene of this man's enormous penis and round balls dangling behind them. Cameron proceeds to walk through the players and comes up on another bare assed fellow, here we see his ass as she takes a nice look at his package and instructs him not to "stiffen up on her". From there she comes up on Jamie in a jock strap showing his black ass off, where she checks out his dick as well,(she seems to really enjoy getting to check out all these big fat cocks she to stare down. In a later shower scene many round asses are seen by us as well as one guy with a pretty long cock tugging and playing with it. Later some guys are at a urinal with towels covering their asses, then when it comes back to them their highly muscled butts are seen clearly

beowulf was written on August 12, 2001

Cameron Diaz sees huge dicks

In this scene Cameron Diaz playing the team owner walks into the male lockerroom only to see a black guy with a huge 7 or 8 inch soft penis. Well lit then shakes his hand after taking in this sight. She then walks by another football player who is completly nude, after checking out his package she tells him not to "stiffen up" on her. Then she walks to Jamie Foxx whos ass is seen in a jock. Later in some shower and bathroom scenes you see many asses and some large cocks flopping about.

moviestuff was written on October 14, 2003

what a nice black ass!!!!

as cameron diaz enters the locker room she asks some one where jamie is and then you see it wow he has a nice black ass !!!!

Mean_Little_Kitty was written on December 24, 1999

In Locker room.

Young Mr. Foxx shows up his ass while wearing a jockstrap and talking to team owner Cameron Diaz.We doo see him wearing a speedo more time later on, but this is the most skin he shows. About f***ing time.

moviestuff was written on August 28, 2002

buns in locker room

finaly it's jammie's turn by sadly no frontal in the locker, after Cameron Diaz's conversation with a person from the team this guy however shows his cute frontal body with a nice dick.
She asks someone else from the team where's jamie there you see him in a jockstrap outfit showing his cute black buns! I give this scene four stars for the facts that jamie still looks good and there's that other black guy that shows us his dick!

MonkD was written on September 24, 2000

Locker room scene

Nice but quick scene of sexy Foxx in locker room with only a jock strap on with his smooth, round buns fully exposed. Other locker room scenes show much frontal nudity (not Foxx). Big, thick penises and lots of butts on full display. Some of these black studs have huge donkey cocks hanging between their legs!

atomic was written on July 13, 2003

Only his bunns

He is almost the only one who don't show his cock. But he have a sexy body and a nice ass.

yowza was written on January 10, 2000


I was a bit disappointed at how brief Foxx's butt cheeks are in view. More impressive, however, are the many gargantuan men that are shown full frontally nude while showering and dressing. One nude fellow, who has a foot-long dick, unabash- adly greets Cameron Diaz when she enters the locker room. If I knew his name I'd put this entry under him. Another scene shows four football players with perfect asses, with their backs to us while they use urinals. Heaven!

PRC03 was written on February 8, 2001

Buns and dick

We see Jamies ass for a brief second but we see that jockstrap pushed to the limits. He must have at least 10 inches. The guy that plays "Broman" on "Martin" is the guy who is packing at least 7 inches soft when Cameron Diaz first walks in.

John Clark
emma31293 was written on October 11, 2010


During the locker room part there is this guy COMPLETELY naked in front of cameron diaz with his penis in clear view
and its really really big.

Whatisit was written on November 27, 2004

He's the "huge" black football player in question

J.C. Clark is essentially an extra in this film, but to many, he played one of the most memorable roles. At about the fifty-minute mark of "Any Given Sunday", Cameron Diaz walks into the men's locker room (followed by her entourage) and stops to shake hands with and congragulate a black football player who isn't wearing any clothes and is displayed fully-frontal. He appears to have an enormous penis that flaps around as he shakes hands with Diaz. He can later be seen in the background of the men's shower scenes as he takes hold of his giant member with his hand. In the director's cut of the film, Clark's butt is visible in a separate scene, where he is seen standing at a urinal with several other nude football players.
When I saw this film in the theaters back in December of 1999, the full-frontal scene caused quite an uproar, especially considering that several teenage girls were in the audience, who, upon being confronted with Clark's huge penis on a seventy-foot screen, took the opportunity to voice their surprise and shock at seeing that sort (and no doubt size) of male nudity.
If you watch the special-edition DVD of "Any Given Sunday", listen to either or both of the commentaries by director Oliver Stone or Jamie Foxx; they divulge the name of this oft-cited fellow. His name wasn't listed in the credits. Now we know who he is.

hornyhornyhorny was written on July 26, 2008


forget king kong, forget godzilla, we have the next HUGE movie monster.... john clarks monster cock! that is by far the biggest shlong in mainstream movie history. i can see why he had absolutely no problem doing full frontal nudity. it is atleast 8 inches of tree trunk hanging. can only imagine that thing at full mast.

xuxu was written on July 20, 2008

Big dick

Cameron Diaz playing the owner of the team busts into the locker room to see this big black muscular guy butt ass naked sporting a large floppy dick. She goes over to him to shake his hand and we see his hard chest, six pack, and huge cock on display as Cameron enjoys the sight before her. There were many rumors on the set that after seeing this guys enormous penis many of the actresses were actually going to his trailer to get "serviced" including Cameron Diaz on numerous occasions.

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