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Wilson, Lydia 1 Review
Hale, Amanda 1 Review
Grainger, Holliday 1 Review
Cattrall, Kim 2 Reviews
Catalina, Cristina 0 Reviews
Buring, MyAnna 0 Reviews
Bianco, Esmé 1 Review
Atwell, Hayley 3 Reviews

Any Human Heart's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Clafin, Sam 1 Review

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Lydia Wilson
Ghostwords was written on December 4, 2010

Ep.3 (05/12/2010)

Ms Wilson plays 'Monday', girlfriend of the central character's son, who dies following a drugs overdose. She moves in with the father and is soon being reprimanted for wandering around his apartment in her underwear. Their obvious attraction comes to a head approximately 50 minutes in, when he gets up late at night and finds her in the kitchen, naked. There is a clear shot of her butt and slender figure, then her breasts as she closes the fridge door; next second, he's lifted her up and pinned her against the wall, affording us a view of her right side. The very next scene, set several weeks later, has Macfadyen dressing whilst she relaxes in his bed, both breasts in shot (it opens with a distant view, then cuts to a close-up). For a small girl, she has a full (natural) figure.

Amanda Hale
Ghostwords was written on December 17, 2010

Ep.4 (19/12/2010)

About 15 minutes in, our lead protagonist walks in on Ms Hale whilst she's peeing. He's told to wait whilst she finishes up, dabbing herself with toilet paper then pulling her knickers up as she stands. You don't actually see anything and it's likely she was wearing something under those knickers.

Holliday Grainger
Ghostwords was written on November 22, 2010

Ep.1 (21/11/10)

After one sex scene with no nudity from Ms Grainger, she rewards us immediately afterwards at 0:16 when she slides out from underneath Sam Clafin. There's a brief shot of the right of her right breast, followed by her bottom as she walks to get a drink for them both. When she returns, she carefully obscures any additional nudity. Sadly, it appears her character does not reappear in the next instalment.

Kim Cattrall
georgelloyd was written on December 5, 2010

Rolling over in bed

In episode three, Kim Cattrall is in bed with her lover and rolls over to talk to him. The sheet only just covers her nipples as she does this, so we get to see most of her sizeable boobs. As she shuffles forward, she grabs a pillow and holds it in front of them, which is surprisingly modest for someone who has previously shown so much skin on television and in movies.

Ghostwords was written on December 17, 2010

Ep.3 (12/12/2010)

Ms Cattrall appears early in this episode as the vampish second wife of an author, then later after many years have gone by. Neither features nudity.

Cristina Catalina
MyAnna Buring
Esmé Bianco
Ghostwords was written on December 4, 2010

Ep.3 (05/12/2010)

Approximately 10 minutes in, Matthew Macfadyen is talking to his psychiatrist. There's mention of a suicide attempt, which triggers a flashback to a woman rising from his bed, telling him not to worry about his sexual dysfunction (a result of recent bereavement). As she does so, both her breasts are briefly in shot.

Hayley Atwell
Ghostwords was written on November 22, 2010

Ep.1 (21/11/10)

At 1:03, Ms Atwell is lying face down in bed, resting after a heavy session with Matthew Macfadyen (offscreen). Her back is fully exposed, but the sheet covers her bottom and her left arm obscures any upper nudity. She's awfully cute, by the way.

Ghostwords was written on December 4, 2010

Ep.2 (28/11/2010): Bedroom

At around 0:54, Ms Atwell rolls over after sex with Matthew MacFadyen and exposes most of her right breast (but not the nipple).

Earlier, they're posing in bed so a detective can photograph them for divorce purposes; her facial expression is bold and sexy, erotic without any actual nudity.

georgelloyd was written on December 4, 2010


Hayley Atwell rides a guy in cowgirl fashion, so we see her back down to the top of her bum, which is sadly covered by a sheet, then she slumps on top of him and we see most of her right boob. No nipple but still very sexy. It's a pity she's mostly in epidode two, because that's the one with the lowest amount of skin.

Sam Clafin
Ghostwords was written on November 22, 2010

Ep.1 (21/11/10)

Mr Clafin's rear makes several appearances, but not exactly square to camera. At 0:16, he's having sex on a couch with Holliday Grainger, and we see a little of it once she slides out from beneath him (their earlier sex scene has him holding her up, his shirt covering all but the lower edge of his right buttock). At 0:31, he's screwing his mistress, but it's a long shot and slightly out of focus.

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