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Amanda Plummer
Bluetick was written on September 16, 2000

attempted seduction of main character

Hard-working, brave Amanda Plummer submits to a languid, surprisingly long, full-length nude scene that comes out of nowhere early in this droll but ultimately cornball piece of cinema. She’s not the world’s foremost beauty but an actor with such chops in every other respect is sexy regardless of her pedestrian body and elementary school librarian’s face.

nudedude was written on October 31, 1999

Great Seduction Scene

This is a new Showtime movie - Amanda has a great nude seduction scene - very highly recommended. The movie is not bad either - very quirky.

Brokencake was written on November 30, 1999

Not attractive

This women plays a creepy, psychic character. When she gets naked, you see she has no chest to speak of and her nipples are rather inverted when erect. With an olive oil body, I wasn't even slightly aroused.

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