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Thomas Robsahm
Moviespank was written on June 17, 2001

Many nude scenes

It's an Norwegian coming of age movie. Thomas Robsahm plays a 17 year old boy. He was a 20 year old boy in real life. After getting very drunk at a teen party, he stumbles home. He falls into the lake, get's a fever and have a nightmare in his bed at home.

He dreams of a visit to the school's doctor. He's led in by a public health nurse, wearing only his small underpants. She smiles, as she touches him. He stands in front of the doctor, who proceed to pull down his underpants. We get a long view from behind of the slender boy and his tiny little bare bottom. Take it, that this is a nightmare, the doctor performs a rather unpleasant detail with a knife, to the boy's penis...

He awakens from his nightmare. His mom finds her feverish boy in bed and calls the doctor. We see him inject a needle to the boy's tiny little bare bottom. After injecting him, the doctor rub a piece of medicated cotton across the boy's bare bottom, and as the doctor do this, we see the boy's smooth and jelly soft little bottom cheeks waving up and down.

There's a scene were his girlfriend pushes him out of her bed, and we see him naked from the side. Another scene has him go skiny dipping with his girlfriend and his best friend. We see them all naked from behind. They lie down on the beach, on their stomachs, and we see their young little bare bottoms from the side. I don't recall any scenes from the front from any of the kids. Thomas Robsahm has become an Norwegian director.

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