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Monica Nickel
Immy was written on December 4, 2007

Topless and butt

Monica plays a shy girl introduced to Horst Buchholz's erotic Greek pageant held at his mansion. After her first performance she ends up in a bedroom with another woman for the first time, who gently slides her semi-see-thru tunic off her shoulders, dislaying her nice B-cups. After laying on the bed the woman exposes Monica's shapely butt. There's an abrupt edit at this point (probably to cut some of the saucier stuff) and they're seen topless, sleeping peacefully together. She shows a random boob later during the orgy sequence but after awhile it's hard to tell who's who.

Valérie Kaprisky
Know-it-all was written on March 4, 2002

The leisurely standing bath: the best scene of her career.

Valerie, the Gallic beauty, was never, ever shy about on-screen nudity. This scene (there is one of those damn edited versions of the movie floating around, so be careful), is the acme of them all. Horst Bucholz is spying on her through a two-way mirror, while they are both on a yacht. (This is a period piece, set in the early 20th Century.) Before getting into bed, she decides to have an impromptu mini-bath. She has a pan of soapy water to wash with while she stays standing. She then doffs the loose white gown she's wearing, pins up her hair, and begins slowly and lovingly rubbing her body with a soapy sponge. Her breasts are completely magnificent. She even props up one leg at a time and caresses each one slowly and fully w/ the soapy sponge. One mild complaint: for whatever reason, she never really soaps her bush. It's on display the whole time, in all it's untrimmed glory, but she never actually touches it. Too bad. Nonetheless, this is an absolutely superb nude scene, one that you won't soon forget.

Mr_Manko was written on February 20, 2000

Full frontal and rear

I hate to disagree but Valerie is only nude in one scene near the start of the movie. She is being watched throught a one way mirror while she washes with a cloth, everything is on display, breasts, arse, muff. It's an excellent and long scene. She does keep her clothes on during the rest of the movie however (the near hardcore scenes at the end use a body double)so nude throughout? Sorry, no.

crazy was written on February 21, 2000

oh, Valerie Valerie how i love your branches!!!

I would have to second what Mr_Manko said. The movie can be quite tricky the first time you see it. Look closely at the face of the woman getting the long massage completely nude. The first time you watch it, you'll no doupt be so engrossed in her tits and pussy while the guy massages them, you'll miss her face - its not Valerie. And there are a couple of scenes like this. The almost hardcore orgies at the end of the movie have Valerie only watching the other people. At one point a guy does nearly rip her top off and there is an almost breast exposure and that's it! The one nude scene of her is in the earlier part of the movie while the captain is looking at her through a one-way mirror. She is standing up washing herself completely nude. Breasts, buns, and even bush are all exposed. The scene quite long and she does some bending over and back arching so she can see herself better in the mirror - all of which give us many multiple angles to view her wonderfully delicious body. Real tasty chews for the eyes her folks!

DBW was written on July 5, 1999

whole movie

Kaprisky's whole role in this movie is to be naked and beautiful, and she disrobes in sceneafter scene - you see it all, at length. Some video versions have extra scenes of explicit sex added in, but none of itinvolves Kaprisky.

Catherine Jourdan
Immy was written on March 27, 2005

Breasts and bush

Catherine plays Valerie, one of many women who re-enact a Greek festival at a rich guy's estate. We first see her (0:08) striking poses behind a two-way mirror while being watched by a guy. She's wearing a thin, see-thru toga and when she makes ballet-like movements her muff comes into view a couple of times. Next (0:34) she's in a bathtub and her boobs are above the waterline for a brief moment. She's easily recognized by the braid of blonde hair she has wrapped around her forehead thru the whole film.

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