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White, Bridget 2 Reviews
Quintero, Johanna 1 Review
Minter, Kristin 1 Review
Lister, Perri 1 Review

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Bridget White
Chicago was written on July 7, 2002

1 scene

At :51-:53.25, Bridget is seen posing naked for an art class--all-tanned body, ass, smaller-than-hand-cup sized breasts, and darker areola as the camera pans around her back side then her front. Bridget's breasts are then viewable as she's shot from the front while the guy is talking to the art teacher. At the end of her scene, she gets up from the chair to put on a robe and there's a very brief view of her pubes.

Bluetick was written on September 11, 2001

art class modeling scene

Bridget (Ann) White is “Mary,” a beautiful, skinny, blonde model who actually seems to have a head on her shoulders and does more than her part in carrying “The Apostate (aka Michael Angel, 1998),” a semi-well done religious thriller. Dennis Hopper notches another portrayal of a psycho in a performance as nicely underdone as Richard Grieco’s tormented priest is hilariously over-played. Bridget has a gloriously long full-frontal scene as the subject of an art class. What is it about small-breasted actors that makes them seem so much more talented than their augmented sisters? White actually puts more heart and soul into “The Apostate” than any of the headliners, including “ER” vamp Kristin Minter. Other than a steamy threesome disco scene in the early reel and a general tank top-type aspect to the skank she plays, Minter doesn’t display enough sexuality in this flick to merit a separate entry. In other words, Minter’s appearance in “The Apostate” is for fans only. (See also Johanna Quintero.)

Johanna Quintero
Chicago was written on July 7, 2002

2 scenes

At :14-:14.75, Johanna is naked, standing against a wall as Dennis Hopper runs a mechanic's hand light in front of her body several times revealing her full curvy bod, her "too firm to be real" breasts and her dark mohawk pubes before she snaps a Polaroid of herself for him to remember her by. At :25 at the crime scene, Johanna is seen lying dead under a blood-spattered wall with a paper covering her face...breasts from a medium distance for 2 sec. Call it 2 1/2 *'s

Kristin Minter
Chicago was written on July 7, 2002

1 see-through shirt scene

At :45.25-:46, Kristin is wearing a partially see-through white tank top while on a balcony talking to another girl inside the room. Normally I wouldn't comment on only see-through nudity except in this case the outline of her areola and nipples are so clearly seen for 45 sec. that it's worth noting.

Perri Lister
LadySex was written on October 17, 2003

Full Frontal and Back Side

Why nobody recognize the nude performance of Perri Lister in this movie? She plays Sheila Masters. In the movie she take a shower behind a wall, you can't see anything. Then she goes in front of the wall, waiting for her chambermaid. So you can see her for a little while full frontal in medium distance, well lit. Than she shows us her backside with her phenomenal bottom as the chambermaid comes.

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