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Paul Stewart
Rockway was written on November 2, 2010


Sorry, there is no accidental nudity in this movie. In the locker room scene the first reviewer refers to, Paul Stewart is definitely wearing underwar. When he lifts his right leg, his (very short) shorts do open a little, but what we are seeing is the bulge in his underwear. It is kinda funny for a 50s movie, and was certainly unintentional, but there is no glimpse of little Paul.

WileyPark was written on August 18, 2010


There is no nudity in the locker room scene described by the previous reviewer. When Paul Stewart raises his leg to put on his right shoe, you CAN see up his shorts, but he's CLEARLY wearing underwear. It most likely was unintentional (and it's sorta sexy), but there is no exposed penis here.

donby was written on July 16, 2010

Locker Scene, Unexpected Penis

One of the great values of DVDs is that we now can pause or slow scenes down to see things that weren't readily visible in the flow of the movie.

About halfway into the film, there is a locker scene where Alan Ladd, Jack Webb, & the sexy older actor Paul Stewart are putting on gym shoes for handball. Paul is seated, facing the camera, and as he ties his right shoe, the knob of his penis can be seen protruding from his shorts.

The director (and editor) must have been in a rush, because they didn't catch this unexpected nudity. However, Stewart himself was probably aware that he might be showing too much, because as he rises, he pulls down the wrinkles in his shorts before walking off.

This must be the only such penis shot in a mainstream movie of this era.

Ladd spends this whole scene (and the subsequent handball action ) in his trunks & shoes only. He was one of only a few stars of this time who actually worked out, and it shows.

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