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Deborah Voorhees
59chevy was written on December 21, 2003

skinny dip

You don't really get to see much here, hence the no star rating, I guess it should really be a 1/2 star rating. You get to see breif glimpses of the sides of her breasts as she undresses and some blurred underwater flashes, and a really short far off shot of her naked breasts as she runs off looking for who stole her clothes, once again not in focus really can't see anything. Very dissappointing! Some better lingering camera views would have been so sexy with this young hotty!!!! If you want to see "good" views of this girl I'm afraid you'll have to stick with Friday the 13th part V. After seeing that this was a bad tease.

Pamela Bach
59chevy was written on December 21, 2003

2 scenes

There are 2 scenes where she is naked the one early in the movie where she is playing cards in bed with her boyfriend and again later in the movie at night in the hot tub. I guess the second scene I mentioned is actually broken up into two scenes. I only give one star because you don't get a really good view of her hot bod in any of the movie.

Striker was written on October 1, 1999

She's sitting on a bed wearing a cowboy hat and little or nothing else

As far as I recall this is her only appearance in the entire movie and she shows us the goods. What WOULD David Hasselhoff think?

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